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Ben Henderson: MMA’s Mr Indestructible

99.9% of the media coverage today is about Anthony Pettis stunning ‘Showtime Kick’ and rightly so, but let’s also give credit where it’s due to one tough S.O.B. named Ben Henderson who from this moment forward should also be known as ‘Mr Indestructible.’

Throughout his WEC career which saw him rise to become the lightweight champion Henderson has shown a remarkable survival instinct, able to survive moments of extreme duress when others would have crumbled.

WEC  40:  Henderson Vs Roller

Consider his second fight for the promotion back at WEC 40 in April of last year against Shane Roller for example. Barely seconds into the fight he was dropped with a left right combination that left him crumpled up against the cage. To make matters worse as he struggled to regain his senses he was caught in a tight guillotine choke.

Watch the action unfold below…

Remarkably Henderson escaped, and went on to finish the fight by TKO all within the first 1.41mins of the opening round….

WEC 43: Henderson Vs Cerrone

In his very next fight at WEC 43 against Donald Cerrone, Henderson took it to a whole new level as he somehow survived a seemingly endless succession of submission attempts, from omaplata’s, kimura’s and armbars to deep guillotines, triangles and d’arce chokes.

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By the end of the five round battle everyone watching was convinced that ‘Smooth’ must at the very least be double-jointed, have an otherworldly pain threshold and be immune to being put to sleep. Such was the impression left by the performance that awarded Cerrone Vs Henderson ‘Fight Of The Year’ status.

WEC 53: Henderson Vs Pettis

And so on to last night where in the last round Henderson had to endure more potentially fight-stopping moments, including going face first into Pettis flying knee…

…and of course not long after somehow fighting on despite being poleaxed by the now infamous Showtime Spinning Head Kick off the cage…

It was a disappointing night for Henderson, and being on the wrong end of what’s going to be one of the most replayed ‘highlight reel’ moments in MMA history will rub salt in the wounds, but he’s got a lot to be proud of.

Within six fights in the WEC he became the lightweight champion, successfully defended his belt once, and picked up two ‘Fight Of The Night’ and one ‘Submission Of The Night’ awards. That makes the 27 year-old an exciting addition to the UFC, and and with his heart, chin and resilience he’s going to be a tough nut to crack in the promotion’s lightweight division.

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