Most Anticipated MMA & UFC Upcoming Events in 2020

If you’re a sports enthusiast, then you must have heard about MMA and the UFC. These top martial sports have grown in popularity thanks to sports gambling and the accessibility of fights. In 2020, there will be several highly anticipated MMA and UFC fights, despite the challenges that have been there – including the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic.

2020 Big Fights

After February experienced iconic UFC star Jon Johns in the category of light heavyweight, April 2020 will sum up the ring experience with some of the world’s MMA champions. Apart from that, more games are underway. 

April 18th: Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov

The undefeated lightweight champion Khabib  Nurmagomedov will fist Tony Furgason-a stiff title challenger and a past winner of interim lightweight. The previous matches have seen several unexpected outcomes. The April 18th holds hopes for the funs of both fighters like no other tangle.  

With the February win from Jones, Khabib prepares to take the title from him come the much-awaited day. However, jones, on the other hand, is determined to defend this position with all might. Being among the few combatants in the UFC who count almost zero defeats, Khabib is now seen as the probable winner of the Saturday 18th fight. However, the prediction is weighing on a beam balance since his opponent is also a holder of the championship. 

Woodley vs. Edwards March 21st

The incredible journey of the almost forgotten Ultimate Fighting Championship participant Leon Edwards takes him from the streets in the cage on March 21st. While no one can hold it against him over not being so vigilant in the ring, UFC talented department seems to overlook him. However, he has worked his sweat to rise to the top. The upcoming fight against Tyron Woodley will determine his entrance into the title fight.

The Saturday event will headline Leon Edwards against Tyron Woodley, a former champion in the division category in a prolific manner. In light of the disrespect between the two players, the cage is about to get hot. Edwards argues that despite feeling that the fight is not worth his energy and expertise, he had to withstand the frustrating flight to Landon to fight a “goat” that thinks it is a gatekeeper. 

The contracts are through with all the processes, including the signing. Without a doubt, the fight will be delivered according to the dates. The victorious one on this coming fight will in the most likely scenario, earn himself a title trial later in the year. That will, however, be determined by the outcome after the present holder of the division Kamaru Usman fights the king contender, Jorge Masvidal, coming July. 

Where to Watch UFC

UFC events are available on many services like streaming platforms and ESPN channels, but if you want a better watching deal that will give you exclusive coverage, ESPN+ is the way to go. No UFC lover would want to miss these overwhelming events. ESPN+ is an excellent way of watching UFC events with a pay-per-view offering.

Danny is 26 years old and hails from Rochester, NY. He's been training in MMA for the last two years and whether it's the UFC ,One FC, Bellator or a number of other smaller shows he's always happy to settle down to watch some fistic fireworks.