Next Fights for Cub Swanson and Frankie Edgar?


The UFC Fight Night 57 Main Event between Frankie Edgar and Cub Swanson has major implications for the UFC Featherweight.

Unofficially at least, the winner of the fight would have been widely regarded as the number one contender. That ended up being Edgar, who dominated Swanson throughout the entire fight before he finished him with a submission and ended Swanson’s six-fight winning streak in the process.

With the event now over and the dust now settling, we at Fight Of The Night have decided to look at what may lie ahead for both Edgar and Swanson in their next bouts.


Frankie Edgar

Edgar made it three wins a row after the UFC Fight Night 57 Main Event, all of which have him following his only loss at Featherweight; a title loss against Jose Aldo in February 2013.

The win was a dominant one, and was recognised as such through him being named as one of the event’s Performers of the Night recipients.

While Edgar was relentless and active on the mat for most of the fight before the stoppage, the performance has come under criticism from same fans, which they believe was unentertaining.

That, coupled with the fact he has already faced Aldo, may result in Edgar not being given a title shot in favour of the much hyped Conor McGregor, should he beat Dennis Siver next month.

It would not be a surprising decision as from a business standpoint, a McGregor vs. Aldo match would likely get more buys on a Pay Per View card.

However, Edgar arguably gave Aldo the toughest fight the Brazilian has ever had as the WEC/UFC Featherweight Champion.

A former UFC Lightweight champion, Edgar showed that he is the division’s biggest challenge to Aldo after convincingly beating an in-form Swanson in Austin, Texas.

Swanson had a six-fight win streak going to the fight, and was even told by the UFC that he could choose to wait for the next title shot. He decided, obviously, against this and opted to stay active and fight Edgar instead.

The streak contained wins against Ross Pearson, Dustin Poirier, Dennis Siver and Jeremy Stephens, all of which Swanson won dominantly and convincingly.

That did not deter Edgar, however, as he finished Swanson en route to winning the Main Event.

Although the UFC will likely wait until after the McGregor vs. Siver match to decide who Aldo’s next challenger, a rematch with the Featherweight division’s king is the only viable match for Edgar at this stage.

The only match up for Edgar that could potentially have some viability is Ricardo Lamas, who like Edgar has also only lost to Aldo in his UFC Featherweight career.

Lamas has gone 2-0 since his loss, with his last one coming in the form of a finish against Dennis Bermudez, who came into that fight with a seven-fight win streak.

A win against Lamas would cement his status as the top Featherweight fighter not named Jose Aldo, but Edgar has already showed that he’s deserving of a second title challenge.

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