the aftermath articles: 6 fighters and what they gained or lost at Fight Night 57

Bobby Green vs. Edson Barboza co-mains in Austin - | The Leading ...

Bobby Green lost much needed momentum and possibly his career

Before fight night 57 Bobby Green was talking about retirement. With a loss, that possibility becomes a little more probable. If a fighter does not want to be fighting they shouldn’t.  It is not wise to risk your health in such a dangerous sport. With a win he could have been asking for a top five opponent or maybe even a contenders match.  If the fight was a little closer he could still make a case for himself.  The fact was that his taunting was not working.  Instead of complaining that Barboza was running away, he should have been cutting off the cage or trying to turn the match into a grueling wrestling affair where Edson either couldn’t disengage, or would be too tired to utilize the proper foot work to stay away. With the lightweight division so crowded Green needed this win to stay relevant. Using the UFC’s history as a guide, Bobby Green will most likely be pushed back to the prelims and largely ignored by the UFC brass because he is not as marketable as other fighters. That is what he truly lost, the ability to not be ignored. With an eight fight winning streak the UFC had no other choice than to promote him.  With this loss they can go back to pretending that Bobby Green doesn’t deserve the ranking he has earned.

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