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Cub Swanson lost everything

Maybe that last statement has some hyperbole in there, but that fight had too much riding on the line for him to look that bad.  Seven fight winning streak, gone. Talks of a title shot, gone.  Status as a main even fighter, gone. The aura of beautiful violence, gone.  Now critics can question his techniques and ability to defend the takedown.  The first thing to talk about is his lead uppercut that never seems to land. Why he continues to throw it is beyond me.  His overhand right is money, and his left hook and low kicks do you their job, but that previously mentioned upper cut will continue to leave him wide open to wrestlers. With this loss, and the one-sided nature of it, another two year winning streak will be needed to earn even a contenders match. With Aldo as champ, a rematch is unlikely.  If Edgar gets a shot and wins, a rematch against him is also unlikely.  If McGregor gets a shot and wins an immediate rematch with Aldo is the most likely scenario.  If not, Ricardo Lamas has already started a feud and will likely get a shot before Cub.  No matter who the champ is or becomes there will be a reason why Cub shouldn’t get the shot.  He still has a job, and still has a place in the top ten, but for a person like Swanson none of that is good enough.

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