the aftermath articles: 6 fighters and what they gained or lost at Fight Night 57


Frankie Edgar atropela Cub Swanson e bate recorde no UFC Fight ...

Frankie Edgar gained everything.

He earned the record for the latest finish that will be virtually impossible to beat.  Frankie didn’t just get another win this weekend, he put an exclamation mark on his claim as one of the pound for pound best and a legitimate case for a title shot.  They only things left to gain are the title itself and the honor of being the third man in the UFC to hold a title in two weight classes. Suddenly the talk of McGregor vs Aldo is starting to quiet down.  It is still there, but definitely not as loud.  With Aldo’s tendency to get injured Edgar my have earned a shot at Conor, the fighter everyone wants to face.   With Conor not fighting for two months, the timing for an Aldo vs Edgar Rematch seems right.  One more thing to remember is the first fight with Aldo was taken on semi short notice when Anthony Pettis pulled out due to an injury.  The rematch could be more interesting than the last fight.  Another  point to mention is that Frankie went back to his roots for the Swanson fight.  Before his title run and subsequent defenses Edgar was a ground and pound fighter.  It is only in the last three years he has developed his in and out boxing style.  It is important to note that it was his wrestling that allowed him to develop that style.  Mixing in take down feints to close the distance and making opponents pay when they defended said take downs are what allowed him to get in and out.  Jose Aldo does have some of the best take down defense in the entire UFC.  Edgar has some of the best MMA adapted wrestling in the business as well.  If he doesn’t get the shot at the belt next, he is at most one victory away from attempting greatness.

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