From Perth, Australia, Bruno has been an MMA fan on and off (mostly on) for 10 years. He did Taekwondo for a few years as a kid and dabbled in BJJ and Muay Thai as an adult, but is more an MMA fan than anything else. He is also an experienced journalist and writer, having written a number of articles on an array of topics.

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Bruno de Paiva

Six Highest Paid UFC Debutants

Among the most highly contested issues in MMA is that of fighter pay. In billion-dollar organisations like the UFC it is quite common for...

5 Most Powerful Figures in MMA (#4 will surprise you)

Like all things, MMA has a number of figures who are considered powerful and influential. They are owners, promoters, regulators, executives and even fighters. We...

Five Major Positive Drug Tests in MMA

Drug tests are a common occurrence in almost all professional sports, and MMA is no exception. While more fighters pass their tests than fail them,...

Five of the Biggest ‘What Ifs’ in MMA

In almost all sports there exists questions such as "What if so-and-so was at their full potential?" or "What if so-and-so wasn't injured?". MMA...

The 7 Biggest MMA Upsets Of All Time

One of the great things about this sport called MMA is that anything can truly happen. While a favourite of a fight ends up...

Controversial Nature of Palhares’ Submission Takes Shine Off His Performance

Rousimar Palhares’ debut in the UFC Welterweight division was a successful one as he finished Mike Pierce with his signature heel hook submission in...

12 Top MMA Fighters Who Lost Their Debuts

Losing a fight is tough for any fighter to take, particularly mentally as the seeds of doubt begin to be sown in their mind...

Top Six Fighters “Do Or Die” MMA Debuts in the Big Leagues

Six successive fighters who have their debuted in major MMA organisations are featured.

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