The time has come to declare Strikeforce, DREAM and K-1 heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem the pound-for-pound scariest man ever to step into a gym, and in case your in any doubt we’ve got the video evidence to prove it.

For instance, check out newly released footage of Overeem terrorizing three of his training partners, including UFC bantamweight contender Brad Pickett recently.

What’s really scary about Overeem is that he doesn’t discriminate. Think he’ll go easy on you because you’re a midget? You’re in for a rude awakening little man…

Even in a humble pillow fight, you can count on Overeem to come dangerously close to the line between harmless fun and bloody manslaughter.

Surely he wouldn’t beat up a woman though? Well just watch the video below, and imagine what he would have done if she wasn’t this good looking…

Oh, and in case your in any doubt, kids aren’t safe either.

It’s not just the weak and defenseless that are his prey either. Check out this rare clip of him putting Fedor in his place for instance.

Even Bas Rutten has to have eyes in the back of his head when Overeem’s on the prowl.

And when there’s no human’s around to smash, Overeem simply satisfies his appetite for destruction by destroying his team-mates means of transportation instead.

So, to sum up, if Overeem turns up at your local gym, accept that resistance is futile and don’t bother trying to run or beg for mercy.

Instead – brace yourself, say your prayers, and accept that death or serious injury is more than likely imminent.

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  1. “Think he’ll go easy on you because you’re a midget?” Well, there’s a 99,5% chance that i’m bigger than you, boy.