Analyzing Carlos Condit’s Knockout Of Dan Hardy At UFC 120

On Saturday night Carlos Condit produced one of the most jaw-dropping knockouts of the year against Dan Hardy in the co-main event of UFC 120 in London, England.

For Condit it was the equivalent of the perfect storm, picking up the biggest win of his career in his highest profile bout in the UFC so far, becoming the first man to KO Hardy and earning the $60,000 ‘Knockout Of The Night’ bonus in the process.

The irony is that he did so by replicating Hardy’s own favorite striking technique – the left hook which the UK fighter had finished Rory Markham with back in early 2009 to really mark himself out as a rising star in the welterweight division.

Dan Hardy Drops and Finishes Rory Markham UFC 95
Dan Hardy KO's Rory Markham At UFC 95

On Saturday night Hardy felt what it was like to be on the receiving end of that very same punch.

What’s most remarkable about the KO is that both fighters threw the same punch at almost exactly the same time as you can see below.

Carlos Condit KO's Dan Hardy At UFC 120

In many ways this was the perfect illustration of the fine line between winning and losing.  Hardy’s hook was just a fraction off-target, causing it to land awkwardly on the side of Condit’s face, while ‘The Natural Born Killer’s’ connected cleanly on the Brit’s jaw, and that was all she wrote.

After the fight Hardy stated that his memory was understandably a little foggy and he’d need to rewatch the footage to see what went wrong.  When he does so he’ll discover that a basic error led to his demise in the final moment of the fight.

A fundamental rule when throwing a left hook is to keep your right hand glued to your chin and your chin down.  A you can see above neither fighter did so – in fact they were doing the exact opposite as they threw caution to the wind in the heat of the battle and went all in on the offensive.

On this occasion it was Hardy who suffered the consequences for that error, but on another night it could just as easily have gone the other way, or indeed ended in an ultra-rare double KO.

That’ll be little consolation for ‘The Outlaw’ though as he comes to terms with his second loss in a row, while Condit savors the victory and eyes a fight with a top contender next time out.

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