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Cain Velasquez UFC 121 Post-Fight Reaction

After a thrilling first round victory over Brock Lesnar tonight at UFC 121 the new heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez gave his immediate reaction to Joe Rogan.

“I trained for a five-round fight and that’s what I was hoping for,” Velasquez said as the fans cheered. “I wasn’t expecting this. You can’t expect a first-round stoppage.”

That’s exactly what happened though, and after having some time to reflect he spoke about the fight in more detail at the post-fight press conference.

“I feel great about the fight,” he told reporters, before later adding, “It’s definitely the best ending I could think of to this whole story.”

He admits that the opening moments of the round didn’t go according to plan however.

“I was kind of surprised at how hard he came out at the beginning,” he said, adding that he froze slightly at that moment and found himself briefly taken down as a result.

He got quickly back to his feet though, and he points to that as the moment when he began to gain confidence and relax.  From their on it was full steam ahead as Velasquez put on a virtuoso performance and secured the TKO victory.

Much had been made of Velasquez Mexican heritage before the fight, and Velasquez was happy to speak of what that meant to him.

I feel great being the first Mexican champion of the UFC,” he said before assuring fans, “I’m going to keep representing.”

As for what comes next, Velasquez says that he’d, “like to give some attention to my family,” noting that he had had a long training camp.

After that comes his next opponent Junior Dos Santos, and Velasquez appears to have plenty of respect for what the Brazilian brings to the table.

“I think he’s the best stand-up fighter there is in terms of the heavyweights,” he said, before also praising JDS’s takedown defense and adding, “I definitely have my work cut out for me.”

According to Velasquez it’s, “up to the UFC,” when the fight takes place.

The new champion also left a message for his fans on his twitter account after the fight.

“Thank you to all my fans that were behind me! We did it!!! This belt is for all of us!!”

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