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Chuck Liddell KO Highlights The Power Of Momentum

In the days following Rich Franklin’s knockout victory over Chuck Liddell I’ve noticed some people questioning how such a seemingly innocuous right hook finished him so I thought it was worth going over.

Now of course the obvious answer is that Liddell’s chin has now gone after years of taking punches from the best the sport had to offer and recently suffering a number of brutal KO and TKO defeats.

While that definitely was a big factor in the outcome, there’s other factors to consider too. Most significant is the simple fact that the way ‘The Iceman’ was attacking Franklin left him open to a potential knockout blow.

Rich Franklin himself summed it up pretty neatly after the fight by saying,“The thing about Chuck is, when he gets you on the run, he really overcommits to things.”

That is indeed exactly what happened here. As Liddell looked to finish Franklin he threw the shot that helped make him a star – his overhand right. Unfortunately for him he overcommitted to the punch – stepping in and throwing all of his weight forward while leaning into the shot with his chin left unprotected.

As his punch missed it’s target Franklin’s own short right hook counter was traveling in exactly the opposite direction.The resulting momentum caused the blow to be far more powerful and stopped Liddell dead in his tracks.

Check out footage of the knockout below to see for yourself.

Liddell can take some consolation in the fact that he’s not the only fighter to have suffered such a fate after over committing to a punch. Just last month former WEC featherweight champion Mike Brown was felled in remarkably similar circumstances.

Manny Gamburyan KOs Mike Brown WEC 48

There’s no more infamous example than Kimbo Slice who threw everything he had into a right hand early in the fight and was promptly dropped by little more than a stiff jab coming in the opposite direction.

Kimbo Slice vs. Seth Petruzelli TKO EliteXC Heat

Unsurprisingly, if you run towards your opponent your asking for trouble. Just ask Forrest Griffin who was made to look foolish by Anderson Silva who floored him with a simple swat of his right hand as the former champion came charging forward on the offensive.

Fear not Forrest, your not the only one though. Check out Mark Hunt, well known for his granite jaw, taking a nap on the canvas after running into a right hand from Melvin Manhoef.

So there you have it, all the evidence a fighter needs to remind themselves to keep their hands up, chin down, remain balanced within your stance and don’t over commit to your strikes.

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