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Diego Sanchez Reacts To His Defeat Against BJ Penn

Last night BJ Penn handed Diego Sanchez the most definitive loss of his career in a five round clinic at UFC 107.

Sanchez was dropped to the canvas early in the first round as the two fighters made good on their promise to meet in the center of the cage.  Though he recovered, Sanchez never got a foothold in the fight, and in the fifth, a rare head kick from Penn opened up a large cut on his forehead that forced the referee to call an end to the bout.

Though bloodied, bruised and disappointed, Sanchez was gracious in defeat in a brief post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

“It just happens.  B.J. is a great champion,” he said.  “I did my best. He came out on top, but I’ll be back.”

A day later, after having time to reflect further in the events of the night, Sanchez gave his thoughts on the fight to fans via his twitter account.

“Long night yesterdy Bj really gave it to me. It was not my night I just couldn’t find him. I guess you have to take some to give some. Thanks to all my fans for the support.”

On Tuesday Sanchez posted again, and showed that the defeat hasn’t had a negative effect on his attitude.

“I’m good:) in High spirits I have work to do ounce my face heals I will be training asap with bad intentions for the next person I fight on the road back to Penn.”

A Day later he was on twitter again, this time with a more aggressive take on his feelings over the fight, and his future.

“To be honest I’m really f’nnnn pist off I hate losing and am more hungry for victory than ever… All I can think about is working my way back to earn another shot at Bj Penn.

My dream has changed it is no longer just become ufc champion it is to fight Bj Penn again. I will put my heart and soul into this!!! Im on a mission now.  All you doubters shut up and watch me!

If there is any doubt about just how hard Penn was to hit on the night, the Fightmetric stats reveal that in the five rounds Sanchez landed just 8 strikes, while his opponent landed 150.

Diego Sanchez: The Aftermath

Sanchez has given no specific details of his injuries, though at the post-fight press conference Dana White stated, “In 10 years of being in this business, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody more busted up than Diego is right now.”

Despite concerns that the winner of TUF season one had broken his nose, his manager later confirmed to that he suffered no major damageand was released from hospital after receiving multiple stitches to his lower lip, forehead and eyelid.

After such a convincing defeat Sanchez, now 21-3 in his mixed martial arts career, will have to learn from his experience fighting against one of the sports greats, and hope to come back stronger in the future.

There are still fights available for him at lightweight, including a rematch with fellow TUF season one competitor Kenny Florian which he has been calling for since his move to the lighter weight class.,

He has also previously stated that he eventually plans to move back up to the welterweight division.

Article By RossC

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