Five Questions To Be Answered At UFC 108

As always we take a look at some of the key questions that will be answered at UFC 108 tonight.

1.  Who emerges victorious from UFC 108 – the strikers or the grapplers?

Looking through the main card it becomes apparent that the majority of the bouts are classic striker VS grappler match-ups.  Historically it’s the grapplers who come out on top in this scenario, but can the strikers gain the upper-hand on this occasion?

2. The UFC 108 card has been much maligned, but will the fights on the night exceed expectations and get the promotion off on the right foot in 2010?

With so many fighters pulling out injured from this card it’s a wonder that there is still an event at all.  the final line-up has been criticized by many for it’s lack of star power, but there are still quality fighters on show.  Often times the least anticipated cards turn out to be the best ones so we live in hope that this proves to be the case tonight.

3.  Will the injury curse that struck UFC 108 claim any more victims?

There has been much talk of an injury curse for this card in particular, and the news that even UFC matchmaker Joe Silva is injured thanks to a torn MCL surely confirms it.  Fingers crossed the actual fights themselves go off without any major damage being sustained.  The last thing the promotion needs is more fighters on the treatment table in the coming months.

4.  Four fighters on the card could potentially fight for a title in 2010 – Rashad Evans, Thiago Silva, Paul Daley and Junior Dos Santos.  Will any of them take a significant step towards a title shot at UFC 108?

While there’s no major buzz for any of the above mentioned fighters to get a title shot right now, they are all in the upper half of their respective divisions, and an impressive win could work wonders for their chances of fighting for the belt.  A perfect example of this would be Frank Mir at UFC 107 who’s dominating win over Cheick Kongo earned him a shot at No.1 contender Shane Carwin.

5.  Will the UFC’s gamble on controversial fighter Gilbert Yvel pay off?

Yvel has brought controversy to a number of his fights over the years, with antics that include biting another fighter, eye gouging and attacking a referee.  He is an exciting fighter though, and if he can get through tonights fight without doing anything untoward then,win or lose, he is a welcome addition to the heavyweight ranks. 


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