Four Reasons Jon Jones Will Lose The Belt At UFC 182

 Daniel Cormier Rag Dolls Dan Henderson at UFC 173 .gif | MMA Nation

1.) Wrestling:

The obvious advantage of Cormier is his Olympic-level wrestling pedigree that saw him finish fourth in the 2004 Games. He went into the 2008 Games searching for gold as the United States team captain, but his body shut down after making weight and forced him to withdraw from the competition.

He also came in second place in the NCAA championships his senior year at Oklahoma State University, making him one of the most decorated mat technicians to ever set foot in the octagon. But those accolades are far from good enough for Cormier, and he plans on using his wrestling to become UFC champion after he saw greatness fall just within reach during his amateur background.

While it’s true that Jones is far from a slouch as a NJCAA National Champion, he just doesn’t have the overall wrestling skills that Cormier does. If “DC” can get on the inside and score some takedowns and/or make it an ugly fight in the clinch, Jones may be in for a long night.

Cormier made notorious heavyweight grappler Josh Barnett look light when he lifted “The Warmaster” high to win the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix, and he tossed fellow Olympic wrestler Dan Henderson around with ease at UFC 173.

Even with Jones’ mat prowess, Cormier will have a big edge.


  1. You make this a very intriguing idea that jbj may loose. I will be neutral dc has thd best wrestling,control,and power in the lhw division for sure, i see dc beating evans, rampage, glover, and vitor, becsuse he is so damn powerful. Im not saying that dc has knockout power. Im saying dc has allot of strength. Dc has the ability to negate jbj reach indefinitely, get inside, and dump jbj on his head. Jbj has imo the best MMA transitional game today, nonody is able to create true modern MMA tactical art likd jbj does. I don’t believe jbj reach will be a factor in his fight against dc, but it can be jbj uses super fast, hard, and snappy high kicks, front kicks. Jones has the chance to show his improving hand techniques as it wouldnt serve him well to kick with dc this will for sure be the most exciting lhw fight of the last couple years.

  2. I haven’t seen Jon go at a competitor like ever. Don’t count him out because. His height and reach advantage is an enormous advantage and makes up for everything mentioned here.

  3. No way can this “authority” on the sport…as he bills himself, can show face here.
    Or he must be just waiting things out. I’m going to be enjoying seeing all these JBJ haters choke on their words.
    FTR..Jon proved himself to be a real douche at the press conference. I know longer like his personality but fighting has nothing to do with that.

  4. You might of been watching the wrong fight. Jones won by a unanimous decision which means he ” BEAT ” Cormier. He took down Cormier who had never been taken off of his feat during a fight. Sorry, your guy lost, but wait, no i am not sorry. Cormier thought he was the best thing going, but Jones proved him very wrong . LOL !


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