Four Reasons Jon Jones Will Lose The Belt At UFC 182

Jon Jones And Daniel Cormier Vow To Target Each Other's Injuries

2.) Desire:

Cormier appears focused on nothing other than obtaining the UFC belt right now; the same may not be able to be said about “Bones” at this point.

He’s faced and beaten some of the legends of the sport during his illustrious reign, and it’s only natural that some of the drive and hunger he maintained as an up-and-coming fighter has subsided.

That’s not to say that Jones has lost all motivation to fight and win, because he’s dominated all comers, and usually at their strong suit, throughout his record-setting string of title defenses.

However, it just doesn’t seem like he has that advantage of being the hunter rather than the hunted, and this time, he’s facing an opponent that will absolutely not be intimidated by Jones’ mystique before he steps into the cage.

Cormier has never even been seriously damaged in an MMA fight, let alone put in danger of actually losing. He’s been competing at the highest levels for many years, and he truly believes that now is his time.

It’s going to take a special effort from Jones to stop Cormier at UFC 182.