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Have You Been Kicked, Punched Or Choked By An MMA Star?

As a fan of mixed martial arts, what happens when you outgrow the autograph hunter stage, or have all the obligatory ‘posing next to a fighter with my fist clenched’ photos you’ll ever need?

For some there’s only one logical answer – they want to know what it’s like to get physically assaulted up by their sporting heroes.

And why not? The bruises and / or scars will (hopefully) fade , but the memories will last a lifetime…well unless you got choked to sleep or KTFO of course, in which case you’ll probably not remember much of anything.

At WEC 47 a fan of UFC lightweight fighter Joe Lauzon asked if he would do him the honor of kicking him in the leg. Being the gentleman that he is J-Lau was only to happy to do so, and luckily a camera was on hand to capture the events unfold.

You see MMA stars may look tough, but the truth is that underneath it all they have hearts of gold and just can’t say no to the fans.

Nothing’s too much trouble. If it’s a 20 year old bespectacled geek wanting a poster signed, it’s a done deal. If it’s a 50 year old overweight mom wanting a hug, their only too happy to oblige.

If it’s an 8 year old girl wanting to be kicked in the leg by 240lb Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem, then tell her to grab a kick pad and brace herself…

Fans aren’t the only one’s joining in on this phenomenon however, it seems that MMA reporters also want a piece of the action.

For instance here’s’s Aaron Tru, who has carved out a niche as MMA’s equivalent of a crash-test dummy, seeing what it feels like to have Fabricio Werdum digging his shin-bone into his thigh at high speed.

Thanks to Tru we can now confirm that it does in fact feel pretty bad.

(Starts At 3.27mins)

If that looked painful then spare a thought for’s VP Eric Newby. Upon turning up late for an interview with TUF season 1 winner and former light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin, the fighter said he’d only answer his questions if he could kick Newby in the leg.

The resultant strike left Newby to hobble off to the hospital with a hair-line fracture of his femur bone…Oops.

Some fighters want to give fans something other than a trip to the hospital though. Take heavyweight kickboxing specialist Pat Barry for instance. Despite possessing some of the most vicious leg kicks in the UFC he decided to offer a couple of fans the opportunity to kick him in the leg instead.

Of course Barry has legs like tree-trunks so this probably hurt the fans more than himself, but it’s the thought that counts.

If leg kicks aren’t your bag then don’t worry, you could always get choked out instead.

In the name of science TV host John Brenkus offered himself up as a willing participant to be sent into temporary unconsciousness on camera.

Why would he do such a thing?

We think the fact that Gina Carano was the fighter chosen to do the deed might have had something to do with it,  and who could blame him?  Waking up cradled in Gina’s arms is most red-blooded males fantasy after all.

(Starts At 4 mins)

Not everyone has Gina’s gentle touch however as intrepid reporter Aaron Tru is only too aware.

We’ve already established that he’s a glutton for punishment after getting kicked in the leg by Werdum earlier, but before that he had the misfortune of being violently choked out by Strikeforce woman’s welterweight champion Cristiane ‘Cyborg’ Santos.

(starts at 4.45 mins)

It’s all about equal-opportunities in this sport though, so when UFC hall-of-famer Randy Couture was asked to choke out a female radio DJ live on air he wasn’t going to disappoint.

What if you just want to get punched though – surely that’s not too much to ask?

Not at all. Take skateboarder Jason Ellis for instance, who asked knockout specialist Chuck Liddell to punch him in the arm.

Let’s face it though, if your going to get hit you may as well get paid for it. Bare-knuckle brawler and current UFC heavyweight fighter Kimbo Slice has no problems parting with $50 for the opportunity to punch fools in the stomach.

…and he’ll even hit you in the leg instead – it’s all about giving the people what they want…

Some people just seem to enjoy getting hit for free though.

…That’s right, I’m talking about you Danny Bonaduce

You might want to think carefully before asking Alistair Overeem to hit you though. If he’s happy to kick a little girl, he sure as hell isn’t going to pull any punches when up against a fully grown hot chick.

In fact when it comes to Overeem, it’s probably best not to even suggest a pillow-fight…

So there you have it. Whether you want to get kicked, punched or choked-out, you favorite MMA star is probably only too happy to give you a beatdown and post it up on the net for everyone to see.

Article By RossC

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