UFC 124 isn’t the only major fighting event taking place this weekend, there’s also the finals of the K-1 World GP 2010 in Japan to look forward to.

Before we go any further here’s the line-up for the event.


  • Mighty Mo Vs Peter Aerts
  • Semmy Schilt Vs Kyotaro
  • Daniel Ghita Vs Gokhan Saki
  • Alistair Overeem Vs Tyrone Spong


  • Winner of Mighty Mo / Peter Aerts Vs Winner of Semmy Schilt / Kyotaro
  • Winner of Daniel Ghita / Gokhan Saki Vs Winner of Alistair Overeem / Tyrone Spong


  • Winner of Semi-Final 1 Vs Winner of Semi-Final 2

With the way the draw has panned out the two tournament favorites Semmy Schilt and Alistair Overeem may well meet in the final.

I’d certainly be surprised if reigning champion Schilt doesn’t make it to that stage as his size is likely to be to great of an obstacle to overcome for Kyotaro who’s small for the heavyweight division as it is and despite his speed is likely to have difficulty getting into range without getting picked apart by the Dutch giant.

I anticipate Schilt facing Peter Aerts in the semis, and though Aerts holds a 2-1 record in their past meetings he’s now 40 and showing the signs of wear and tear you’d expect from a man who’s been in as many wars as he has over the years. I think the tournament structure doesn’t favor him at this stage in his career and I expect Schilt to come out on top in this encounter.

Alistair Overeem’s road to the final is definitely tougher.  Tyrone Spong is a skilled striker, but Overeem’s own striking has evolved and together with a very significant size advantage and greater power, I think he’s good value to get to the semi’s.

In the final four Overeem is guaranteed a tough fight, regardless of whether he faces Daniel Ghita or Gokhan Saki. Ghita has confirmed he’s coming into the tournament with a leg injury, though he’s refused to go into the specifics of it. You have to feel that hands the advantage to Saki, though it will still be a tough and bruising encounter.

Saki’s had an excellent 2010, racking up six wins, and he’s certainly a genuiine threat to Overeem’s bid to reach the final, but again he’s going to be giving up size, strength and power to The Reem, and if he comes in with his gung-ho strategy I think he’ll pay the price.

And so to the final.  It could go either way if it does indeed come down to an Overeem Vs Schilt final, but I give Schilt the edge thanks to his easier route to the final in addition to his size / reach advantage and overall tournament experience. I also still have questions regarding Overeem’s chin and having likely had two gruelling fights to get to the final I think Schilt could be the man to stop him in his tracks.

The beauty of the one-night tournament format though is that anything can happen and I’m certainly excited to see how it pans out in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Be sure to stay tuned to https://mmainsight.com for live coverage of the results as they happen.

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  1. Hey Eric. Yeah, if and when they become available I’ll have them on here ASAP – normally that’s within a few hours of the show ending. I’ll also be covering the results live as they happen.

    Should be a lot of fun, looking forward to it.