Mariusz Pudzianowski Defeats Butterbean In The First Round At KSW 14

Tonight’s KSW 14 event in Poland was headlined by a true clash of the heavyweights as 260lb former World’s Strongest Man Mariusz Pudzianowski took on 450lb ex-UFC fighter Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch.

As expected after a brief moment of stand-up Butterbean was taken down by Pudzianowski and pounded on until he tapped just 44 seconds into the fight.

I still say this fight was a work, an easy way for Pudzianowski to get back to winning ways after getting beaten up by Tim Sylvia last time out.  Now the Polish fighter can head back over to the Moosin organization (which coincidentally just happens to be promoted in the U.S by Butterbean) later this year.

For anybody keeping score Pudzianowski is now 3-1 in MMA, while Butterbean is 15-8-1.

Watch all 44 seconds of the fight below:


  1. Excellent result, to be sure. I never liked butterbean, and the Polish fellow proves to be quite interesting. He lost a lot of weight and worked on his cardio since the last fights, or so I see. Thus, it looks as if his future in the MMA is not so dark. Surely he won’t reach the top, he’s too old to learn MMA from scratch-to-perfection but he’ll show us a thing or two.

    I’m wishing him all the best!


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