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Tim Slyvia – Oxy-Morons: Due Out In October 2010

Plot: An Independent film depicting the graphic, harsh reality and horror of the Oxycontin drug trade in Boston, MA.

Finally we’ve got Tim Slyvia’s acting debut in Oxy-Morons, a low budget offering that’s apparently based on the true-story of the lead actor, Johnny Hickey.  As an indie offering with a mainly local cast, don’t expect this to appear on the big-screen any time soon.

Slyvia plays the part of “Monster”, a violent convict who appears during scenes shot in a jail. It’s not clear whether he has much of a speaking part in the film but he is at the center of a fight scene during a riot at the prison.

Like Fedor’s movie, this one has an incredibly long trailer.  Long enough in fact that by the end you feel like you’ve seen pretty much all you need to see, though apparently the full film is 2 hours long. It seems like there might be an interesting story at the heart of this one, but the trailer would definitely have benefited from being much shorter as it’s low-budget roots definitely stand-out like a sore thumb at times.

…I’d still rather watch this than a Hector Echavarria movie though!

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