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Main Card:

Bibiano Fernandes defeats Gustavo Falciroli by unanimous decision

Fernandes got the better of the first two rounds with considerable periods of control on the mat and also dropped Falciroli mid-way through the bout, and while he allowed his opponent back into the fight in the third he still did enough to earn the decision victory.

Eduard Folayang defeats Felipe Enomoto by unanimous decision

Good performance from both men, but despite Enomoto pressing forward throughout the contest it was Folayang who was consistently outstriking him abd that lead to the unanimous decision verdict.

Tim Sylvia Vs Andrei Arlovski declared a no contest (illegal kick)

What a bizarre end to this fight, but lets talk about the early stages first. Arlovski was showing far more movement than his opponent and finding a home for his kicks, while Sylvia looked to the clinch game and had some nice spells of dirty boxing. Sylvia looked to be tiring in the second half of the fight though and Arlovski was starting to get on top of the action. On several occasions Sylvia complained to either Arlovski or the referee about what he deemed to be illegal blows to the groin, an alleged eye poke and a clash of heads, but the action continued regardless. Then things really turned messy when Arlovski dropped Sylvia with an overhand right. Sylvia was completely dazed and Arlovski didn’t let him off the hook, firing off two soccer kicks to the head and that appeared to have sealed the deal as the referee leapt in and stopped the fight. Arlovski celebrated, but then it emerged that the ref had only brought a temporary stop to the fight as he deemed the blows illegal. According to the rules soccer kicks are legal in ONE FC, but only after the referee gives a signal to do so, and Arlovski hadn’t waited for it. So, Sylvia was given five minutes to recover, but he never looked like he was willing to continue and after claiming that he had double vision the fight was declared a no-contest. Rough on Arlovski as even without those kicks he appeared to have Sylvia down and out, but it looks like they might now need a fifth fight to finally settle the score.

Eric Kelly defeats Jens Pulver by TKO at 1.46mins of Rd2

The first round of this one was competitive, with Kelly hurting Pulver early with a right hand, but the veteran then rallying and dropping Kelly with a nice counter left-hook. Pulver looked a little tired going into the second though and was quickly put on shaky legs by two straight rights from Kelly. He never fully recovered and was forced into defensive mode as Kelly ramped up the pressure and eventually dropped him with a kick to the mid-section. Pulver could only cover up on the ground from there as more strikes came in and the fight was over.

Rolles Gracie defeats Tony Bonello by submission (rear-naked choke) at 1.33mins of Rd3

Gracie was in control of this fight from start to finish with his superior grappling. He was able to take down Bonello with ease throughout and slowly but methodically wore him down with strikes before eventually seizing the opportunity to snatch a hold of his neck and produce the tap early in the final round.

Jung Hwan Cha defeats Igor Gracie by TKO at 1.03mins of Rd3

Cha pulled off the upset against Gracie here. Gracie started off the better of the two, but in the second round he began to tire while Cha was raising his game and even got the BJJ ace in the crucifix position on the mat at one stage, allowing him to rain down unanswered blows. In the third he started brightly again and caught Gracie with a right hand that hurt him and continued to press the action which forced Gracie to try for a takedown. He failed and ended up with Cha on his back throwing down strikes until the ref stepped in to bring the fight to a close.

Soo Chul Kim defeats Kevin Belingon by unanimous decision

Kim outworked and for significant portions of the fight outgrappled Belingon over three rounds here to claim a clean sweep on the judges scorecards, but he was so exhausted afterwards that he could barely stand without the help of his cornermen and looked like he was close to passing out.


Gregor Gracie defeats Nicholas Mann by submission (armbar) at 3.28mins of Rd1

Gracie makes short work of Mann with a first round armbar victory.

Phil Baroni defeats Rodrigo Ribeiro by TKO at 1min of Rd1

Baroni got back to winning ways with a quick victory over Ribeiro. Right out of the gate Baroni caught Ribeiro with a big right hand that had him staggering backwards and from their on out he was looking for the finish while Ribeiro resorted to desperate attempts to take him down which didn’t pan out. Eventually Ribeiro was on his back on the mat and Baroni took full advantage of the soccer kicks to the head a grounded opponent rule employed by ONE FC, and mixed in with some traditional ground and pound that was enough for the referee to bring an end to the fight. Baroni then celebrated in the cage by dancing around and hoisting a ring girl over his shoulder!

Shannon Wiratchai defeats Mitch Chilson by TKO at 2.03mins of Rd2

Bit of a dodgy finish to this one. Waratchai dropped Chilson with a counter hook, but despite then following up with a kick to the face / chest to his downed opponent (legal under ONE FC rules), Chilson was getting back to his feet and seemed ok when the ref stepped in to stop the fight.

Honorio Banario defeats Andrew Benibe by TKO at 3.47mins of Rd3

Banario beat Benibe up comprehensively over the best part of three rounds before the referee finally called it a day.


  1. 15-15! The other guy’s record was only 9-8 as well. If One FC are smart they’ll continue to stick him in against fighters like that so he can rack up some wins and entertain the fans, rather than put him up against someone more reputable and have to watch him gas mid-way through.