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Individual Bouts:

Tim Sylvia defeats Andreas Kraniotakes by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

The main event of ProElite 2 did nothing to heat up a tepid event as Slyvia used his size to employ wall & stall tactics for all three rounds.

Andrei Arlovski defeats Travis Fulton by KO at 4.59mins of Rd3

For 14.58mins of this contest we witnessed one of the most underwhelming, uninspiring and unexciting fights of the year as Arlovski and Fulton offered up virtually no action whatsoever. Then as the final bell prepared to sound in the third round Arlovski finally pressed forward with intent and threw a head kick that connected cleanly knocking Fulton out cold. It highlights the fact that Arlovski still has the tools to be a dangerous fighter, but for me it doesn’t paper over the cracks. We are currently witnessing a shell of the man that was once amongst the UFC’s most feared competitors. Maybe this win will give him the confidence he needs to find himself again, but somehow I doubt it.

Evan Cutts defeats Reagan Penn by unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27 x2)

BJ Penn’s brother Reagan’s brief MMA career hit a major bump in the road tonight as he got dominated by Evan Cutts. Like BJ, Reagan’s biggest problem was his cardio, appearing gassed early in the second round and was absolutely running on empty by the third. Give credit to Cutts though who looks to be a good young fighter and did well to control the crafty Hawaiian on the ground for prolonged periods.

Heavyweight Tournament Opening Round:

Ryan Martinez defeats Mark Ellis by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Ellis may have impeccable wrestling credentials, but as an MMA fighter he’s still very green and that was painfully obvious tonight. He was extremely tentative with his striking, awkward and uncoordinated on his feet and couldn’t transition to the takedown attempts quickly or smoothly enough to catch out Martinez who stuffed his shots on numerous occasions. For his part Martinez did as little as possible, recognizing that he didn’t need to over-exert himself since Ellis performance was so dismal.

Jake Heun defeats Ed Carpenter by TKO at 3.17mins of Rd1

A left head kick set Heun on the road to victory here followed up by what appeared to be an elbow strike that sent Carpenter rolling backwards onto the mat. Heun quickly followed up with hammerfists on the ground as the helpless Carpenter turtled up and the referee had seen enough.

Cody Griffin defeats Justyn Riley by TKO at 0.32mins of rd3

Late addition to the heavyweight GP Cody Griffin pulled off an upset tonight, surviving a beating in the first two rounds of this fight and then turning the tide early in the third, dropping Riley with a series of uppercuts and firing off further strikes on the ground until the referee intervened.

Richard Odoms defeats Rodney Housley by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Not the most exciting fight, fought at a sluggish pace. In the end Odoms was just too big for Housley and controlled the fight for all three rounds, including prolonged spells of slow but steady ground and pound to book his place in the heavyweight GP semi-finals.