Stay tuned to this evening for all the results live as they happen from Strikeforce: Barnett Vs Kharitonov in Ohio.

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Main Card:

Josh Barnett defeats Sergei Kharitonov by submission (arm triangle) at 4.28mins of Rd1

Fight Report

Daniel Cormier defeats Antonio Silva by KO at 3.56mins of Rd1

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Luke Rockhold defeats Ronaldo ‘Jacare’ Souza by unanimous decision (50-45, 48-47 x2)

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Mo Lawal defeats Roger Gracie by KO at 4.33mins of Rd1

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Pat Healy defeats Maximo Blanco by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4.24mins of Rd2

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Mike Kyle defeats Marcos Rogerio de Lima by unanimous decision (29-28 x2, 30-37)

– Solid win for Kyle here. His best round came in the first where he quickly found his range and showed good technical boxing to pepper De Lima with straight punches. Mid-way through the opener Kyle appeared to clip him with a fairly innoccuous punch that send him staggering backwards, and De Lima seemed to struggle to get back on track for the rest of the round. Despite that he came out strong in the second and started finding success with powerful leg kicks, enabling him to get back into the fight. This renewed energy faded out though and by the third round Kyle was in control again, making good use of his jab and securing a takedown late on to leave no doubt in the judges minds.

Rafael Cavalcante defeats Yoel Romero by KO at 4.51mins of Rd2

– Romero is a highly touted 205lb prospect, but tonight’s performance shows he has a lot to learn. In the opening round he did a grand total of nothing apart from bouncing around the cage, taunting Feijao and angering the fans who boo’d the lack of action. The precious few strikes that did land all came from the Brazilian ensuring he won the round. In the second Romero showed a little more urgency, but the first strike he landed hit Feijao in the groin forcing a brief stoppage. When the action restarted Romero had a brief spell of success up against the cage throwing a series of hooks, though feijao covered up well and seemed unphased. Late in the round Feijao goes for a head kick but misses. He immediately follows up with a spinning backfist however and that drops Romero with strikes to the head followiing close behind before he gets back to his feet. Feijao smells blood though and doesn’t let him off the hook, chasing him with more punches which send him back down to the canvas before landing one vicious strike flush to the face that ends Romero’s night.

Jordan Mein defeats Evangelista Santos by TKO at 3.18mins of Rd3

– Huge win for the 21 year-old Mein against a veteran like Cyborg. In the first round the two fighters essentially exchanged leg kicks for the full five minutes, and it was the Brazilian who appeared to get the better of it with Mein changing stance as the damage began to mount up. In the second Mein changed tactics, instead preferring to use punches instead, and it appeared to work to some extent as he began to get the upper hand, and at one stage has Santos covering up as he unleashed blows to the body and head. Mein looked the fresher of the two men going into the final round and he was beginning to connect more frequently now. During an exchange a punch appears to daze Santos, slowing him down momentarily and Mein presses forward with more strikes, getting Santos up against the cage. He then begins to unleash a series of elbow strikes to the head as Cyborg tries in vain to covers up. It’s not long before he wilts and Mein secures the TKO stoppage with less than two minutes left of the fight.

Alexis Davis defeats Amanda Nunes by TKO at 4.53mins of Rd2

– Davis pulled off an upset tonight with a good showing against the highly touted Nunes. She had a good gameplan from the beginning, stifling Nunes dangerous striking by constantly pressing forward, closing the distance and working from the clinch when possible. She also showed that she had some striking skills of her own, finding a home for some of her strikes while Nunes threatened but struggled to find her range. The fight was close though right the way through until late in the second round when Nunes made a costly error, attempting to take down Davis with a hip toss, but then failing to secure the position and finding herself rolled over. From their Davis showcased her ground skills, quickly moving to mount, then taking her back and dropping down strikes for the TKO finish.

Dominique Steele defeats Chris Mierzwiak by unanimous decision (29-28, 29-27 x2)

This was a fun fight to start of the evening. The first round was a frantic mix of commited stand-up, ground scrambles and submissions. Mierzwiak was getting the better of it, stunning Steele with strikes at one stage and then following him to the mat and taking his back, though he he failed to lock up the rear-naked choke. Round two was Steele’s though, getting him down and working some ground and pound early, and then later dropping him on the feet with a short right hook. With both men now exhausted the final round was fought at a lethargic pace, but Steele dug deeper, using his wrestling to control Mierzwiak on the mat for the majority of the round, though offering little in the way of offense. It wasn’t pretty, but it was enough to win him both the round and the fight.