Strikeforce Challengers 10: Quick Results (Live)

Stay tuned to tonight for all the action as it happens from tonight’s Strikeforce Challengers 10 event.

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Main Card:

Joe Riggs defeats Louis Taylor by submission (tapout due to strikes) at 2.07mins of Rd3

Truth be told there were few highlights in the first two rounds of this fight with both men staying very tentative with their striking.

Thankfully things heated up in the third when Riggs connected with a solid left that sent Taylor staggering backwards.  Seizing the moment Riggs then took him down, established the crucifix position and then dropped down some bombs which quickly convinced Taylor to tapout.

Meisha Tate defeats Miaju Kujala by unanimous decision (Tournament Final)

The final saw three x three minute rounds and it was just as well since after two rounds the fighters were neck and neck.  In a close first round Kujala came out on top by threatening with a footlock in the final minute.  Tate then rebounded in the second, taking Kajula’s back and coming close to submitting her with a rear-naked choke.

So it all came down to the final three minute round and Tate once again took Kajula’s back early.  Showing very good grappling skills against a dangerous submission specialist, Tate showed a submission of her own, working a keylock which Kajula managed to escape.  Still in control of her back Tate spends the final seconds of the bout with a flourish by landing punches.

It was a strong round for Tate which helps secure a unanimous decision victory and leads to her being crowned the tournament champion.

Ryan Couture defeats Lucas Stark by submission (triangle choke) at 1.15mins of Rd1

Ryan Couture’s pro debut went as well as he could have wished for.  He secured a takedown early from the clinch and looked for a choke, but Stark escaped and attempted to gain top control.  As he moved in Couture quickly slapped on a triangle choke though and it was all over with just 75 seconds on the clock.

Hitomi Akano defeats Carina Damm by submission (triangle armbar) at 1.48mins of Rd2

This was an entertaining back and forth fight given the short time periods. Damm looked the better striker, throwing some nice kicks and spinning backfists.  Despite that both women appeared keen to take the fight to the mat, and each succeeded in doing so at various points in the fight.

Akano looked the craftier fighter on the floor, constantly looking for submissions, and that eventually paid dividends in the second round when she secured the triangle choke moments after Damm escaped an omaplata.

Miesha Tate defeats Maiju Kujala by unanimous decision

With only two x three minute rounds in the opening stage of the woman’s tournament there wasn’t much time for either woman to make their mark.  Kujala proved to be surprisingly strong in the clinch, making life difficult for Tate, but the tournament favorite did eventually manage to take her down in the first, the most significant moment of the round.

Late in the second after a relatively even series of exchanges on the feet Tate again secured a takedown which helped her to claim the victory and progress to the final later this evening.


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