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Main Card:

Martin Kampmann defeats Jake Ellenberger by KO at 1.40mins of Rd2

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Michael Chiesa defeats Al Iaquinta by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2.47mins of Rd1

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Charles Oliveira defeats Jonathan Brookins by submission (guillotine choke) at 2.42mins of Rd2

Fight Report

Max Holloway defeats Pat Schilling by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Holloway made the most of the main card spotlight here with an excellent display of striking over three rounds. He really picked apart Schilling on the feet using a long, fencer-like jab to good effect while finding great success with ripping Nick-Diaz style shots to the body that quickly began to take their toll. All credit to Schilling who sunk to the mat a few times due to the consistent hurtful blows, but always made it back to his feet and continued fighting. In the third round Holloway mercifully eased up on the body work a little, but dropped Schilling again with punches straight down the pipe that left him bleeding from the nose. Schilling got up once again and Holloway started to try some fancy kicks which didn’t quite come off as the final seconds ticked away.

Justin Lawrence defeats John Cofer by KO at 0.19mins of Rd3

Ooft, what a head kick KO to finish this fight from Lawrence! Before that Lawrence did a good job of shutting down Cofer’s attempts to take him down and instead forcing him into a stand-up battle. To his credit Cofer was willing to exchange with him, but the more technically sound, precision work was coming from Lawrence. He continued to have the edge in the second round, but so far Cofer had shown a good chin and was still very much in the fight. However that all changed in the opening seconds of the third round as Lawrence pressed forward and threw a right head kick just as Cofer was dropping his hand. The result was devastating, with a clean connection to the jawline KO’ing Cofer instantly with 19 seconds on the clock.


Daron Cruickshank defeats Chris Tickle by unanimous decision (29-27 x3)

Surprisingly given that these two are dangerous on their feeet, this fight turned into a ground battle. It was Cruickshank who initially instigated it with a takedown in the opening round, and after escaping a guillotine choke he made it work for him, controlling the rest of the round. Significantly, Tickle was also deducted a point due to an illegal upkick that left him with an uphill task in the rounds to come. Tickle again looked for a submission early in the second round, but again Cruickshank escaped and gained top control. After a while on the ground they get back up and Cruickshank immediately lands a head kick. Tickle shrugs it off and signals that he’s not hurt, motioning for his opponent come at him. Cruickshank does just that and is met with a hard left that drops him followed by a right for good measure. He regains his senses, but Tickle is able to secure top position for the remainder of the round. So there was still something for both men to fight for in the third round and Tickle looked to gain an early advantage with a takedown, but he then slipped out of a back mount attempt and Cruickshank was on top once again. After a while Tickle escapes back to his feet, but is dispensed back to the canvas via a nice trip which lands him straight into the mount position. There’s a bit of back and forth from here, but Tickle isn’t able to end the fight decisively in a round that he had to win.

Myles Jury defeats Chris Saunders by submission (guillotine choke) at 4.03mins of Rd1

Good performance from Jury here. He made good use of his height and reach advantage in the striking exchanges, keeping his distance with good footwork and keeping Saunders at bay with punches and leg kicks. Sensing that he was coming off second best Saunders attempted to switch things up, catching a knee from Jury and using it to complete a takedown. Unfortunately for him Jury immediately seized his neck in a guillotine choke. He attempted to work free, but Jury only cranked it tighter and forced him to tap with less than a minute of the round to go.

Sam Sicilia defeats Cristiano Marcello by TKO at 2.53mins of Rd2

Marcello did his best in this fight to try to take this fight to the ground where he had a major advantage with his BJJ, but Sicilia was having none of it. So instead this bout turned into a stand-up affair, and despite Sicilia having the power advantage his tendancy to throw wild, looping punches wasn’t doing him any favors as he was telegraphing them and Marcello was getting out the way. In the second round Sicilia looked to be breathing heavily and Marcello was committing to the striking game and getting the better of the action when suddenly Sicilia’s strikes started to land and gave him a new lease of life. He blasted Marcello with some hard shots, backing up against the cage and then landed a knee to his head which caused him to crumple to the mat. He then fired a succession of right hands on the ground until the referee pulled him off.

Joe Proctor defeats Jeremy Larsen by TKO at 1.59mins of Rd1

Proctor claimed a quick finish against Larsen tonight at the TUF Finale. Proctor was the busier fighter in the opening stages of the fight and, perhaps sensing that, Larsen decided to press forward with a flurry of strikes only for Proctor to grab his head in the thai clinch and land one hard knee to his chin which dropped him. A quick barrage of ground and pound was then all that was required to produce the TKO.

Erik Perez defeats John Albert by submission (armbar) at 4.18mins of Rd1

A ground battle here was spoiled somewhat by a controversial ending. Albert took the fight to Perez from the start and up against the cage he attempted to take his back, but slipped. He quickly adjusted though and caught Perez in a triangle choke attempt. Perez showed great resiliance though and was able to survive well over a minute caught in the submission attempt and even managed to land a number of hammerfists to the face of his opponent. Realizing he wasn’t going to get the tap from this Albert switched to an armbar, but Perez countered and managed to get on top from north-south position. Then he attempted an armbar of his own. It looked very tight, but Albert appeared to be patiently trying to work his way out when suddenly the referee Kim Winslow motioned that the fight was over. Albert protested and subsequent replays showed that he hadn’t tapped out, but Winslow claimed that he had verbally submitted.