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The Weird, Wacky And WTF World Of The MMA Fan

When you have a sport like Mixed Martial Arts that revolves around the concept of trying to render your opponent unconscious or attempt to snap of their limbs it’s perhaps not surprising that some of the fans are a little…“unusual”.

There’s no better example of this than the now infamous ‘Just Bleed Guy’ who came into our lives all the way back at UFC 15 in 1997. In this instant classic moment the man who set the benchmark for future fans to live up to gurns intensely at the camera with an expression that sits somewhere between sheer blood-lust and a severe case of the sh*ts.

Over a decade later at the historic UFC 100 event in the summer of 2009, UFC fighter Tom Lawlor paid tribute to Just Bleed Guy by doing an uncanny impersonation of him during the pre-fight weigh-ins that had old-school fans in stitches, and new fans wondering whether Lawlor was having some sort of mental breakdown…

The more nostalgic amongst you might wonder what ever happened to the original just bleed guy? In an ideal world he’d be the guest of honor at all future events, sitting in-between octagon girls Arianny and Chandella.

Unfortunately the last anybody heard he was serving eight years in a Mississippi prison for receiving stolen farm equipment, so in reality he probably now watches UFC events sat in-between these two…

He’s not the only MMA fan that’s guilty of stealing though. In fact as you’ll see in the video below even the fighters aren’t safe from the clutches of the infamous UFC hat thiefs.

I feel particularly bad for Randy there as he had his hat and his towel taken from him. Rumor has it that by the time he got to the cage he was stripped naked and going by the nickname Randy ‘Au Naturel’ Couture.

The reality is that there’s nothing fighters can do about this though. Even their security detail are no match for a baying mob of MMA fans. Watch here as one of GSP’s bodyguards engages in an epic life-or-death struggle for survival against a drunken sea of humanity.

God help you if you don’t have security around you to use as cannon fodder while you make your way back out of the arena though…

And of course there is also the threat of a full scale riot at any moment. The clip below is actually a kickboxing Vs muay thai bout from many years ago, but it’s worth noting that the guy getting into a fight around the 3 minute mark and then disappearing under a deluge of arena chairs is none other than MMA referee / judge Cecil Peoples.

Conspiracy theorists suggest that this in actual fact MMA fans from the future that traveled back in time to wreak their revenge on Peoples for awarding Machida the decision against Shogun at UFC 104.

Some fans are lovers, not fighters though – and that’s an even scarier prospect. For example, take a look at this tranny geezer (actually it’s apparently a singer called Mickey Avalon, but for the purposes of this article I’m sticking with ‘tranny geezer’) planting what turned out to be the kiss of death on BJ Penn as he makes his way to the octagon.

BJ Penn Good Luck Kiss
It’s surely no coincidence that Penn went on to put on the worst performance of his career. According to his friends and family the white haired security guard in the clip developed a thousand yard stare and was also never the same after this harrowing incident.

Meanwhile an entire audience were left mentally scarred after MMA’s first male streaker climbed into the cage at a Cage Warriors event while two half naked sweaty men wrestled in the background.

Beware: what’s been seen can’t be unseen – Man Ass Ahead!

Not all MMA fans are as creepy as the guys above,  some are just all-out goofballs. Check out the guy below for instance who appears to be either be in a titanic battle with the invisible man, in the midst of a heated high school dance-off, or in the process of having a drug induced seizure. Judge for yourself…

Perhaps he just went to the Chuck Liddell School Of Spectating…

With Just Bleed Guy out of the picture for the forseeable future what MMA needs is someone else to step up to the plate and carry on his good work. Personally I have high hopes for this young man, known simply as ‘Brock Lesnar’s No.1 Fan’, who cropped up at UFC 91 displaying the kind of raw intensity that makes me think he may well be the rightful heir to the Just Bleed throne.

On completely the other end of the spectrum there’s also ‘Moosin Guy’, who made grown men cower in fear after appearing in the crowd at the Moosin: Tim Sylvia Vs Mariusz Pudzianowski fight looking like a poster child for cannibalistic serial killers.

Warning: this man will burn a hole in your soul and haunt your dreams – proceed with caution….

Finally there’s the man dubbed ‘Epic Chest Hair Guy’, who attempted to reinvent the classic pose by shaving “UFC” into his chest and ditching the constipated expression for one that appeared to fall somewhere between Robert DeNiro in ‘Taxi Driver’ and a mentally challenged extra from ‘One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’.

it turned out this guy was a member of the UG forum, becoming an instant hero and having this equally epic video made in his honor, and an obligatory photoshop…

Crazy MMA fans, we salute you!

Article By RossC for FightOfTheNight.Com

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