UFC 121: Pre-Fight Press Conference Notes

The pre-fight press conference for UFC 121: Lesnar Vs Velasquez took place in Anaheim, California earlier today, and if you didn’t get a chance to see it we’ve got the keynotes from it for you below.

–  Brock Lesnar says Cain Velasquez isn’t his toughest opponent yet.  “This is the UFC, everybody’s tough,” he says.

–  Velasquez says he’s not phased by the media attention that comes with a big title fight like this, saying that it’s part and parcel of the sport.  later he added that, “–  “I feel just like any other fight.  It’s all the same thing.”

–  Jake Shields says Martin Kampmann is, “a phenomenal fighter,” and that he’s not overlooking him, although he admits he would love a title shot if he wins.

–  Martin Kampmann on Shields – “He’s just another guy in front of me.”

–  Lesnar on Velasquez cardio: “If his conditioning is that great then I guess we’ll see,’ adding, “It seems all I hear about is his conditioning.” He also points to the fact that with his D1 wrestling background he also has great conditioning and says that since he started training in MMA he’s always prepared to go the full 25 minutes.

–  Lesnar says he’s very thankful that he’s been able to fight twice in one year after his medical troubles last year.

–  Lesnar on his new beard:  “I finally just hit puberty so I just wanted to try it out and see if I could grow one.” Says he’s keeping it for the fight, but really he grew it for the hunting season. 

–  “When I first got the call I wasn’t overly excited about it because it’s been a crazy year,” Lesnar admits regarding the quick turnaround in his fights, but says that it worked out in the end and he had a great training camp.

Lesnar says that with regards to his Diverticulitis, he went to the doctor after his last fight and after a check-up was told that he didn’t need to come back any time soon.

–  “I’m thankful just to be on the card,” Ortiz says. “To be on a pay-per-view event of this magnitude is awesome,” he adds, noting that he had specifically called up Dana to ask to be on the event, believing that with Lesnar on-board it was going to be one of the biggest events of the year.

As for headlining events himself, he acknowledges, “I need to work my way back up and I understand that.”

Speaking of Shield’s debut in the UFC against Kampmann, White says that he believes it’s a, “rough match-up stylistically,” for the former Strikeforce champion.

Asked if a win over Shields puts Kampmann in line for a title shot, White instead said that it, “puts Kampmann back in the mix.”

–  “We train to be in uncomfortable positions…that was an uncomfortable position let me tell you!” Brock says of the first round of his fight with Carwin.  “It built a lot of character I think.”

Matt Hamill says Ortiz is a great fighter and a big stepping stone for him.  He adds that after losing to a friend before (Rich Franklin), he’s determined not to have the same thing happen again.

–  While talking about the chance of MMA becoming an Olympic sport Dana veered off course and seemed to imply that there may be some movement with regards to legalizing the sport in New York, noting that he was flying there next week, though he didn’t say exactly why.

–  ‘Yes, I loved it,” Lesnar said sarcastically regarding the media intrustion that came with the UFC Primetime series.  He says he hasn’t seen the episodes yet but that he’ll watch it after the fight.

–  ‘I love Canada, I love the United States…I love Mexico – I love everywhere,’ says Lesnar, trying to make light of his previous potshots at the Canadian health system after his illness.

–  Shields says that sitting up on the stage with fighters like Lesnar and Ortiz is a little surreal but he’s feels it’s where he belongs.

–  “I’m a huge fan of Brock,” says Ortiz, praising his ability to hype a fight. “Either they hate you or they love you.  The worst thing is when they don’t talk about you.”

–   Brock says that wrestling is the backbone of the sport, pointing out that five of the six fighters on the stage come from a wrestling background.  “Wrestling makes boys into men,” Ortiz adds while Lesnar nods in agreement.

–  Ortiz says he’s, “bummed,” that White has closed the door on an Ortiz Vs Liddell fight but says he’d still take the fight if it was offered.  “It’s not going to happen,” White confirms.

That concluded the press conference and the fighters then did some stare-downs which went off without major incident.  Watch highlights of the presser below courtesy of Heavy.

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