UFC 147: Results (Live)

Stay tuned to https://mmainsight.com this evening for all the results live as they happen from UFC 147 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The preliminary action is expected to get underway at aprox 7pm ET (12pm UK).

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Main Card:

Rich Franklin defeats Wanderlei Silva by unanimous decision (49-46 x3)

Fight Report

Cezar Ferreira defeats Serginho Moraes by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Fight Report

Rony Mariano Bezerra defeats Godofredo Pepey by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Fight Report

Fabricio Werdum defeats Mike Russow by TKO at 2.28mins of Rd1

Fight Report

Hacran Dias defeats Yuri Alcantara by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

Fight Report


Rodrigo Damm defeats Anistavio Medeiros by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2.12mins of Rd1

Damm made quick work of Medeiros in the final fight of the prelims. He rocked him with a punch in one of the early exchanges and then floored him with a clean right hand. With Medeiros still gathering his bearings Damm was then able to take his back and apply the fight-ending choke.

Francisco Drinaldo defeats Delson Heleno by TKO at 4.21mins of Rd1

Drinaldo landed some hurtful knees to Heleno’s body in the early stages of the fight and then did a great job of fending off multiple takedown attempts from his opponent. Again he used effective knees to the body, this time from the ground, and after securing half guard he began blasting away with hammerfist strikes until the referee had seen enough.

Hugo Viana defeats John Teixeira by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Close fight here, but it was Viana’s busier work-rate that enabled him to get the nod from two of the three judges. Teixeira had come in 5lbs overweight yesterday and he looked to be the bigger, stronger fighter, but while his punches, kicks and clinch work started to slow down Viana in the second half of the fight, he never really picked up the pace himself enough to steal the fight.

Thiago Perpétuo defeats Leonardo Mafra by TKO at 0.41mins of Rd3

The first round of this one was fought on the feet and Mafra was charging in swinging for the fences from the start. He did find some success – by the mid-way point of the round Perpetuo was starting to sport some swelling under his right eye – but it was also a somewhat reckless style that risked being caught on the counter. For his part Perpetuo was being patient and picking his shots more. In the second Perpetuo was able to take the fight to the mat, and after slickly avoiding an armbar he really began to show his superiority on the ground and for the remainder of the round was consistently able to land heavy elbows to Mafra’s face. when the bell sounded Mafra looked dazed and his face was sporting some lumps and bumps from the beating he was taking. Into the final round and Mafra looked disheartened and weary, and Perpetuo took advantage, pressing forward and landing a big hook flush to Mafra’s face which sent him straight down to the canvas. Perpetuo began blasting away with more shots, and with Mafra only defending and not fighting back the fight was brought to a close.

Marcos Vinicius defeats Wagner Campos by TKO at 1.04mins of Rd3

Campos looked to be in control of this fight in the first round as he manhandled Vinicius on the mat. In the second Campos dropped him with a punch as he came in with a flying knee and looked to pick up where he’d left off in the previous round. He was somewhat successful in that regard, but vinicius was staying busy off his back and some elbows opened up a cut or two on Campos face. Vinicius was also having some success with upkicks and appeared to have Campos dazed with one late in the round. Onto the third and Vinicius again went back to the flying knee and this time he landed it hard to the body and followed it up with another knee to the same spot. He then started to let fly with left and right’s and Campos was rocked and barely defending himself up against the cage. More left and right hooks followed and found their mark, and the referee rightly jumped in to save Campos from further damage just as he slumped to his knees.

Milton Vieira and Felipe Arantes fight to a draw (29-28, 28-29, 28-28)

Viera controlled the action on the ground in the first round, but Arantes was able to keep the fight standing in the second which favored him. Both men had their moments in that round, with Arantes connected with a flying knee to his opponents cheekbone, while Vieira landed the best strike of the entire fight, a wheel kick to the head that momentarily staggered Arantes. The third round was closely fought on the feet, while Arantes secured a takedown of his own and landed a few effective ground and pound strikes before vieira was able to tie him up. He was working towards a submission from his back, but he wasn’t able to do so quickly enough for the refs liking and so they were stood back up and fought on the feet until the final bell, with neither man really gaining the upper hand. Close fight and the judges called it as a draw.


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