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The preliminary action is set get underway at around 4.20pm ET (9.20pm UK) with the main card beginning at 8pm ET (1am UK).

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Main Card:

Ben Henderson defeats Nate Diaz by unanimous decision (50-43, 50-45 x2)

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Alexander Gustafsson defeats Mauricio Rua by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 30-26)

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Rory MacDonald defeats B.J. Penn by unanimous decision (30-26 x2, 30-27)

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Matt Brown defeats Mike Swick by KO at 2.31mins of Rd2

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Yves Edwards defeats Jeremy Stephens by KO at 1.55mins of Rd1

After a lull in the last fight Edwards got us right back on track with a stunning knockout against Stephens. The two had been trading from the opening bell with Stephens being the one who was throwing the heavier leather. He was perhaps being over-eager though and just as he looked land a hook Edwards fired off one of his own that connected cleanly with his exposed chin and sent him crashing to the canvas. Edwards swarmed on the dazed fighter with elbow strikes to seal the knockout win.

Raphael Assuncao defeats Mike Easton by unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27 x2)

This fight wasn’t able to maintain the momentum of the earlier fights on the card. The story of this one was Assuncao’s ability to pick his shots and consistently counter Easton over 15 minutes. Not a whole lot to write home about, but a businessman-like performance from Assuncao’s to pick up the win nonetheless.

Ramsey Nijem defeats Joe Proctor by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2)

Nijem and Proctor delivered a competitive fight here. Nijem had a strong first round, dropping Proctor with a kick and the taking his back, though he was able to escape. Nijem was able to take him down again later in the round and seemed to be in control, but late in the round Nijem gets over-enthusiastic after backing up Proctor with strikes and forgets his defense as he goes on the offensive, and quickly pays for it as Proctor lands a nice two piece combination that buckles his legs. Nijem survives to the bell though. the second is closer, but crisper striking and a few submission attempts seem to swing it in Proctor’s favor. The third round is closely fought too, but while Proctor threatens with more subs, including an armbar attempt, Nijem has the better of the action from top position and that’s enough to secure both the round and the fight for him.

Daron Cruickshank defeats Henry Martinez by KO at 2.57mins of Rd2

Wow, the prelim fighters are really putting on a show tonight on FX! This one was all about Cruickshank’s terrific striking and Martinez remarkable heart and durability. The fight had barely started when Cruickshank already had Martinez bloodied from a cut high on his forehead. Then A front kick to the mid-section in the first had Martinez wincing in pain and Cruickshank didn’t let him off the hook, immediately firing in another kick that buckled his legs against the cage. Rapid-fire kicks continued before Cruickshank switched things up with punches as his opponent covered up. It looked like the fight might be in danger of being stopped, but suddenly Martinez rallied and started charging forward with punches, Chris Leben style. Cruickshank retreats, but not for long and is able to land some more good shots in the remaining part of the round, though Martinez is still game too. Onto the second, and the pace slows down a little at first, but half way through the round Cruickshank fires off a head kick and his shin clears Martinez shoulder perfectly and lands hard, knocking him out instantly. One of the best KO’s of the year I’d say, and a tremendous all-round striking display.

Abel Trujillo defeats Marcus LeVesseur by TKO at 3.56mins of Rd2

What a debut from Trujillo! LeVesseur spent much of the first round trying to take Trujillo down, but despite his impressive wrestling credentials he just couldn’t do it. Meanwhile Trujillo was not only stuffing his takedowns, but also taking every opportunity to land some shots to the body himself. Towards the end of the round he really started to dig in with those shots, and then as LeVesseur pushed forward with one last shot he was caught by a big knee to the face that sent him to the mat. From their he could only cling on desperately to his opponent’s leg while turtled up in order to make it out of the round. He did so, but more punishment was on the menu for the second stanza. In an early exchange Trujillo seized his neck in an awkward position, first attempting a guillotine, but eventually dragging him down into a north-south choke. LeVesseur did well to escape and get back upright. LeVesseur bites down on the his gumshield and tries to rally with strikes, and lands a big punch, but almost at the same time Trujillo fires back and drops him with one of his own. Turtled up on his knees against the cage LeVesseur is then subject to a brutal assault of knees to the body by Tujillo, and after a sustained assault the referee mercifully calls an end to the fight.

Dennis Siver defeats Nam Phan by unanimous decision (30-24, 30-25, 30-26)

This was a surprisingly one-sided fight with Siver looking like a real contender at 145lbs based on this performance. Right from the first bell he was consistently landing first against Phan with accuracte strikes, with the straight right being particularly effective for him. He mixed up his offense with leg kicks and the occasional spinning one to the midsection which to his credit Phan took. Making matters worse for Phan, Siver was also able to take him down with ease, and several times over the course of 15 minutes he was able to lay down heavy ground and pound. Phan showed durability, but nothing else, while Siver never really put a foot wrong and will have raised his stock considerably as a result.

Scott Jorgensen defeats John Albert by submission (rear-naked choke) at 4.59mins of Rd1

An action packed round of fighting gets the night off to a good start. Jorgensen was keen to get the fight to the mat in the early stages, but then found himself having to fend off submission attempts from Albert. A triangle choke looked particularly threatening, but Jorgensen stayed calm and eventually worked himself free. in the last minute of the round Albert tries to scramble to his feet, but Jorgensen pounces and takes his back. There’s 10 seconds to go as he clamps on the rear-naked choke and flattens out his opponent. With less than a second remaining Albert taps!