Stay tuned to this evening for all the results live as they happen from UFC On FX 4: Maynard Vs Guida.

Main Card:

Gray Maynard defeats Clay Guida by split decision (48-47 x2, 47-48)

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Sam Stout defeats Spencer Fisher by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

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Brian Ebersole defeats T.J. Waldburger by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

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Cub Swanson defeats Ross Pearson by TKO at 4.14mins of Rd2

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Ricardo Lamas defeats Hatsu Hioki by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

This was yet another close fight and produced an upset victory for Lamas. Hioki looked good in the first with his ground work, but Lamas showed himself to be a tricky customer on the mat too. In one jaw-dropping sequence during the round Hioki got a takedown, only for Lamas to reverse the position and end up on top. Hioki immediately looked for an omaplata which Lamas remarkably countered by standing up with the Japanese fighter still holding onto the shoulder lock and then slamming him to the mat. Hioki continued to pursue the ground game in the second round, but his work rate was slowing and from his back Lamas was offering more of a threat with a couple of serious guillotine choke attempts. In the final round the two spent their longest spell of the fight exchanging on the feet and it was Lamas who looked more comfortable there and was landing the cleaner strikes. Hioki then reverted back to the ground game again only to be stuck in another very deep guillotine choke. Lamas put absolutely everything into getting the tap, but Hioki somehow survived and stayed on top for the rest of the round, though he didn’t mount any offense.

Ramsey Nijem defeats C.J. Keith by TKO at 2.29mins of Rd1

After having to escape from Keith’s mount early in the round, Nijem returned the favor, securing the full mount himself soon afterwards and making him pay with ground and pound for the TKO finish.

Rick Story defeats Brock Jardine by unanimous decision (30-27 x3)

Story cruised to a fairly comfortable decision victory here, utilizing good movement and picking his shots on the feet while also winning the wrestling battle with some smooth takedowns and periods of dominance from top control. Jardine hung in there for the full 15 minutes, but the winner was never in doubt.

Steven Siler defeats Joey Gambino by submission (guillotine choke) at 2.27mins of Rd1

It’s been a bloody set of prelims so far and that continued to be the trend here with Siler opening up a bad cut on Gambino’s forehead that proved to be the beginning of the end for him, with Siler landing more punishment from side control before locking up a nice guillotine choke shortly afterwards to secure the victory.

Chris Camozzi defeats Nick Catone by TKO at 1.51mins of Rd3

There wasn’t a whole lot to seperate these two in the first couple of rounds with Camozzi doing slightly better on his feeta as he used his length to his advantage to keep his opponent at bay, while Catone smartly landed takedowns late in each round as he looked to sway the judges minds in his favor. The momentum of the fight shifted fully over to Camozzi in the third though as he appeared to hurt Catone and then up against the cage landed a big knee that opened up a nasty cut above his left eye that began to bleed heavily. They fought on briefly with Catone in defensive mode but he was clearly having difficulty seeing through the blood and the referee opted to pause the fight to get the doctor to check on the cut. Unfortunately for Catone he then ruled that the fight could not continue and so Camozzi was handed the TKO win.

Matt Brown defeats Luis Ramos by TKO at 4.20mins of Rd2

Brown laid down a brutal second round beatdown in this fight. The first round had been close, but Brown’s began to wear down his opponent in both the stand-up exchanges and the clinch in the second. His muay-thai became the real difference between them as he hurt Ramos with a big knee from the thai clinch that left the bridge of his nose bloodied. More of the same followed and then came elbows and uppercuts too, though somehow Ramos remained standing. That’s all he’s able to do though and he was becoming a human punchbag as Brown continued to work through his muay-thai repertoire against the cage and with Ramos now covered in blood the referee wisely stepped in to put the Brazilian out of his misery.

Dan Miller defeats Ricardo Funch by submission (guillotine choke) at 3.12mins of Rd3

Miller left it late, but he did manage to secure a victory in his welterweight debut. The first couple of rounds were close and Funch was putting in some of the best work of his UFC career so far as he traded strikes with Miller and was more than holding his own. The second round was very competitive and featured an interesting moment where Miller was looking to lock up a heel hook and Funch chose to hammer away with elbows to his legs in order to break free which proved to be unorthadox, but effective. Miller was also trying to lock up standing guillotine submissions when the opportunity presented itself, but to no avail. Miller looked tired going into the third round, but things suddenly swung his way when he caught Funch with a straight right and knocked him to the canvas. He got back up but it was clear Funch’s leg were still wobbly and Miller pressed forward with more punches. Funch lost his balance again, but Miller’s arms appeared to be gassed and he couldn’t find the punches to put him away for good. In desperation Funch looked for a takedown, but Miller was able to get upright long enough to lock in another guillotine choke and pull his opponent down into his guard. Funch tried to fight it off, but Miller had it in deep and eventually forced the tap for a hard-earned victory.

Ken Stone defeats Dustin Pague by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

These two opted to stand and trade for the first two rounds and it was closely contested with both men having their moments without ever really looking like landing a single killer blow. As the bout progressed it appeared to be Stone who was beginning to edge it though, landing some crisp counters along the way while utilizing good head movement to avoid Pauge’s own strikes. In the third Pague looked to change things up with a takedown, but Stone was able to scramble on top and spent much of the rest of the round on top – not doing much damage, but ensuring that the round would go in his favor. The close nature of the other rounds was reflected in the split decision ruling, but Stone rightly got his hand raised.