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Main Card:

Antonio Silva defeats Travis Browne by TKO at 3.27mins of Rd1

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Jake Ellenberger defeats Jay Hieron by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

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John Dodson defeats Jussier da Silva by TKO at 4.35mins of Rd2

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Justin Edwards defeats Josh Neer by submission (guillotine) at 0.45mins of Rd1

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Michael Johnson defeats Danny Castillo by KO at 1.06mins of Rd2

This was a tale of two rounds. In the first Castillo was very much in the ascendancy after dropping Johnson with a perfect straight right down the pipe. He pressured Johnson for the rest of the round on the mat, threatening with an arm triangle at one point. Johnson made it to round two though and was determined to turn things around. He looked to still have a spring in his step and was getting his punches and kicks off first. fighting in close he fired off a short uppercut and it landed right on the button, collapsing Castillo to the canvas. He quickly ollowed him down with some hard, well placed shot that scored him the KO victory.

Mike Pierce defeats Aaron Simpson by KO at 0.29mins of Rd2

The first half of the opening round was a bit of a stalement as the two men got embroiled in a clinch battle. Things heated up in the latter stages of the round however when Simpson rocked Pierce with a powerful right followed by more punches. Grabbing a thai clinch Simpson starts banging in some knees and in desperation Pierce grabs a single leg. He can’t complete it and Simpson is still chipping away at him with strikes while balanced on one leg. They break apart and Simpson lands a hard uppercut then lifts Pearce up and dumps him on the mat. He takes his back, but can’t find a finish before the bell. Onto round two and suddenly the fight swings violently in the other direction as Simpson misses with a punch and is met with a hard right from Pierce that sends sweat flying from his face as he crumples to the floor. A few more rights follow from Pierce on the way down, but they weren’t even neccessary, Simpson’s out cold.

Marcus LeVesseur defeats Carlo Prater by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

Not the most exciting fight you’ll ever see, but leVesseur was able to grind his way to a split decision win thanks largely to a number of takedowns, while Prater was often left trying in vain to lock in a guillotine choke from his back.

Jacob Volkmann defeats Shane Roller by submission (Rear-naked choke) at 2.38mins of Rd1

Volkmann made short work of Roller here, getting him down early in the fight, transitioning to his back and then working in the choke.

Diego Nunes defeats Bart Palaszewski by unanimous decision (30-27 x2, 29-28)

Impressive performance from Nunes tonight. Right from the opening bell he came out more aggressive than usual and almost immediately had Palszewski in trouble, clipping him with an overhand right and then backing him up against the cage with more punches. They dropped to the mat and Palaszewski was looking for a submission from his back, but was also being hindered by a cut to his left eye which was affecting his ability to see. Nonetheless he threw up a triangle, but eventually Nunes broke free. Nunes was able to land some hard elbows from top position, but eventually they were back standing. Again Nunes was able to hurt Palaszewski with a bombing overhand right, but Palaszewski survived to the second round. Nunes continued to push the pace in the second, hurting his opponent again with a spinning backfist at one point. In the third Palaszewski finally caught his second wind and had Nunes on shaky legs early in the round after a right and left hook landed. Nunes was hurt but hung in there and after retreating into defensive mode for a while he started to get back into his stride and was trading leg kicks with his opponent. In the final minute he then landed another big right hand that dropped Palaszewski, and although he couldn’t finish him it helped ensure he was going to win the decision.
Darren Uyenoyama defeats Phil Harris by submission (Rear-naked choke) at 3.38mins of Rd2

Uyenoyama always looked the more confident fighter in the opening bout of the evening. So much so that he even tried a somersault kick in the opening round, though it just didn’t quite find it’s target. Despite that kind of showboating it was actually on the ground that he looked more dangerous in the opening round, and in the second that paid dividends as he swiftly seized his opponent’s back close to the cage and forced him to tap by rear-naked choke.