Stay tuned to this evening for all the results live as they happen from UFC On FX 7 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The prelims are expected to get underway at aprox 6pm ET (11pm UK) with the main card commencing at 9pm ET (2am UK).

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Main Card:

Vitor Belfort defeats Michael Bisping by TKO at 1.27mins of Rd2

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C.B. Dollaway defeats Daniel Sarafian by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

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Gabriel Gonzaga defeats Ben Rothwell by submission (guillotine choke) at 1.01mins of Rd2

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Khabib Nurmagomedov defeats Thiago Tavares by KO at 1.55mins of Rd1

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Godofredo ‘Pepey’ Castro defeats Milton Vieira by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29)

This was a closely fought fight that could have gone either way. in the opening round ‘Pepey’ looked more energetic and dangerous on the feet, but Vieira was doing an excellent job of timing him, using his opponent’s attacks to set-up takedown opportunities and then steering clear of the submission attempts to control the action on the ground. In the second round Vieira got the fight to the floor again, but this time Pepey was able to make more of an impact with submission attempts and was able to use a kimura attempt to sweep to mount. He moves to his opponent’s back and locks in the body triangle and keeps vieira at bay while peppering him with some punches for the remainder of the round. All to play for in the third and Pepey tries to assert his dominance on the feet, but it’s Vieira who appears to hurt him with some strikes and forces his opponent to clinch up. Vieira appears to seal the round in his favor in the later stages with a couple of takedowns and a brief flurry of ground and pound at the end, but when it goes down to the judges scorecards it’s Pepey who’s declared the winner by split decision.

Ronny Markes defeats Andrew Craig by unanimous decision (29-28 x3)

Markes was able to use his superior wrestling to get the job done with a relatively comfortable opening two rounds of control on the mat, though Craig made life more difficult for him in the third, managing to turn the tables by working from top control himself. Too little too late though and Markes improves to 3-0 inside the Octagon.

Nik Lentz defeats Diego Nunes by unanimous decision (30-28, 30-27, 30-26)

Lentz outgrapples Nunes for three rounds in typical blanket-like fashion. The End.

Edson Barboza defeats Lucas Martins by submission (tapout due to strikes) at 2.38mins of Rd1

Barboza made short work of Martins in this one. Barboza was landing nicely from the start and looking to try to assert himself Martins pressed forwards with strikes himself only to be clocked by a solid shot to the chin that took his legs out from under him. Barboza followed him down to the mat and started landing some bombs and with the referee hovering over the action Martins opted to tap out to avoid further punishment.

Yuri Alcantara vs Pedro Nobre is declared a no-contest at 2.11mins of Rd1

Hmm, highly dubious end to this one. Alcantara was all over Nobre from the start and after the getting the fight to the ground had him in what looked like it might be a fight-ending kimura, but somehow Nobre managed to get out of it. He wasn’t able to escape Alcantara entirely however as he then moved to his back and was looking for a potential rear-naked choke. Attempting to soften him up Alcantara began to throw down some ground and pound. Some of the punches and elbows that followed were close to the back of the head and the referee warned him about it. He continued and another couple of shots were debatably close to being illegal so the ref called for a time out. Subsequent replays seemed to show the shots were more towards the side of the head, but that didn’t stop Nobre from acting as if he had just been hit in the back of the head with an axe. Even if the punches had been illegal they didn’t seem that hard enough to warrant his over-the-top reaction so he appeared to be taking advantage of the situation knowing that if the fight was restarted he was almost certain to lose. And so after failing to recover in the time given he managed to get the fight declared a no-contest. Though it’s impossible to prove 100% that he was play-acting Nobre’s going to get a bad reputation from this as that seemed very suspect indeed.

Ildemar Alcantara defeats Wagner Prado by submission (knee bar) at 2.39mins of Rd2

Prado appeared to be getting the better of this fight with his big hooks catching Alcantara in the stand-up a number of time in the opening round, while Alcarantara’s attempt to take the the fight to the floor in the second almost backfired when Prado got on top and started landing heavy ground and pound. Alcantara persevered though and grabbed ahold of one of his opponent’s legs looking for a submission. He had a couple of attempts at it with Prado trying in vain to break free before a secured knee bar forced him to frantically tap.

Francisco Trinaldo defeats C.J. Keith by submission (arm triangle choke) at 1.50mins of Rd2

Trinaldo dominated Keith in the grappling department here. The end came midway through the second round after Trinaldo crashed Keith onto the mat with a huge suplex and then immediately locked in an arm triangle choke to force the tap.