UFC – Strikeforce Buy-out At A Glance: What You Need To Know

The UFC’s purchase of Strikeforce today has taken many people by surprise, and left many confused as to how the deal will actually work.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of the key points to help you get a better feel for what’s going on.

  • Zuffa, the UFC’s parent company now owns Strikeforce.
  • Both the UFC and Strikeforce will continue to run as separate promotions.
  • Strikeforce will remain on Showtime.
  • Dana White will continue to be the head of the UFC, while Scott Coker will continue to run Strikeforce.
  • There will be no transfer of talent – the likes of Alistair Overeem and Fedor Emelianenko won’t be switching over to fight in the UFC for instance.
  • There won’t be ‘superfights’ between the two promotions either.  The UFC will still stick to it’s policy of not  co-promoting.
  • If a UFC fighter is cut from his contract he can then go to fight for Strikeforce.  Meanwhile when Strikeforce fighter’s contracts are up, then the UFC will be in a position to sign them.
  • Essentially the deal means that the UFC now have eliminated any form of serious competition in the sport, and are also now in the perfect position to acquire the best MMA talent from Strikeforce when they become available.

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