WEC 49: Post-Fight Thoughts

– WEC 49 may not have looked stellar on paper, but the promotion seem incapable of putting on a bad event and this turned out to be another action-packed and thoroughly enjoyable event.

Jamie Varner Vs Kamal Shalorus was a really good stand-up fight spoiled by a crazy judge’s decision and some eye-watering groin shots.

– For the most part Varner fought well, using his superior technique and speed to get the better of Shalorus on the feet. He also appeared to hurt the Iranian on a few occasions, though Shalorus showed a good chin and plenty of courage, and appeared to revel in the bruising encounter.

– Shalorus appears to suffer from the same problem as the UFC’s Aaron Simpson, abandoning his superior wrestling to get involved in a slug-fest he was coming off second best in. If he had mixed up his strikes with takedowns more often the bout could really have swung in his favor.

– Three kicks to the cup is ridiculous and I believe Shalorus should have been deducted two points for that. The refs decision to take only one point away ended up having a significant role to play in the overall outcome of the fight.

– Speaking of which, the judges decision to award a draw was ridiculous. I believe Varner won round one 10-9, and then got a 10-8 in round two. How one judge saw it as 29-27 to Shalorus is beyond me.

Needless to say the infamous Cecil Peoples had to be involved ins this farce somehow. He scored the fight as a 28-28 draw.

– The result gives the WEC an additional headache as this bout was supposed to set-up the next title challenger for Ben Henderson’s 155lb belt.

– Varner said after the fight that he broke his hand and he suspects his foot as well. Shalorus is believed to have similar injuries.

Mark Hominick Vs Yves Jabouin was an instant classic for the WEC archives. Jabouin’s everything but the kitchen sink approach to striking was a lot of fun to watch, though I thought Hominick wasn’t getting enough credit for landing more hurtful blows in the opening round.

The second round saw a jaw-dropping chain of events as Hominick floored Jabouin with a perfectly placed liver shot. I thought Jabouin was done so it was remarkable to see him not only get to his feet, but go on to drop Hominick with a right hook. Respect is also due to Hominick for keeping his composure and sweeping Jabouin into mount where he finished with ground and pound.

– Kenny Florian called for a rematch afterwards. I think he’s a little biased since he’s a training partner of Jabouin’s, but I’d be happy to watch it sometime in the future. Hominick also said he wanted to fight Leonard Garcia, and who wouldn’t want to see that after this performance?

– I was very impressed that Josh Grispi managed to come back from a year out and pick up right where he left off with another quick victory. With his record now at 14-1 and all but one of his fights ending in the first round, the sky’s the limit for this 21 year-old featherweight.

Could he be the next challenger for Jose Aldo? Ideally he’d get another fight under his belt first but I must admit I prefer him as a challenger over Manny Gamburyan right now.

Chris Horodecki cruised to victory over late replacement Danny Downes. The experience factor was very important here and after getting hit with a few solid shots Downes visibly wilted and even appeared to be flinching as Horodecki poured it on. Simply a case of too much too soon for the young fighter, but a good win for Horodecki to get some confidence back after a bad loss last time out.

– Before the Hominick Vs Jabouin fight stole the show Eddie Wineland’s battle with Will Campuzano looked a good bet for ‘Fight Of The Night’.

Wineland in particular looked good here, showing excellent evasive footwork and head movement which made life difficult for Campuzano. He really turned it up in the second round and, like Hominick later in the evening, dropped his opponent with a body shot which is always good to see.

– Credit to all the fighters for putting on a show, and even the horrible judges decision in the main event won’t prevent me from walking away from this event with a smile on my face.


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