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What’s Next For Anderson Silva After KO’ing Vitor Belfort

After another remarkable highlight reel KO against Vitor Belfort, landing a rarely seen front kick to the head against one of the sport’s best strikers, Anderson Silva has surely set himself as the current No.1 pound-for-pound fighter in the sport.

So what comes next for the most dominant fighter in UFC history, who’s gone unbeaten in the UFC in 13 fights and now successfully defended his belt eight times?

If the UFC were sticking to the playbook then Yushin Okami would be the next title contender having defeated Nate Marquardt in a No.1 contender bout back in November.

At the post-fight press conference this evening however, White admitted that he was now going to change things up.

“I haven’t figured out Okami’s piece of the puzzle yet,” the UFC president sheepishly admitted to a Japanese journalist, adding that Okami would likely, “be pissed,” when he found out that he was being snubbed.

So who does Dana have in store for Silva?

At the presser he stated that Georges St.Pierre would, “probably be the fight we’ll do,” assuming that the welterweight champion defeats Jake Shields at UFC 129 in April.

White claims that GSP has agreed to do so, but there may still be some kinks to work out before this fight becomes a reality as the Canadian has claimed previously that he’d need an extended period of time to bulk up in weight before fighting at middleweight.

It appears that Dana is confident the fight will happen though, stating that his main concern now is where they would host the fight. At this stage it’s just too early to tell.

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