What’s Next For Brock Lesnar After Losing To Velasquez?

After narrowly escaping defeat against Shane Carwin, Brock Lesnar’s reign as the UFC’s heavyweight champion finally ended tonight with a decisive first round TKO loss to Cain Velasquez.

So where does Lesnar go from here and who should he fight next?

Lesnar wasn’t present at the post-fight press conference but according to Dana White the former champion had been planning to take a break whether he won or lost this evening’s main event bout at UFC 121.

Having said that White says he believes Lesnar’s competitive drive will make him return to the octagon sooner rather than later.

On the evidence of this and his last fight Lesnar would do well to take extra time to work on his striking, but when he does return, who will his next fight be against?

The winner of UFC 125’s co-main event between Shane Carwin and Roy Nelson at UFC 125 on New Year’s Day is an obvious choice.  Lesnar and Carwin in particular have unfinished business after the close encounter they had at UFC 116.

A rubber match with Frank Mir is the other most likely option and should generate considerable interest given their past history and dislike for each other.

I think they may be tempted to go with the latter option since Mir is currently without an opponent and based on their previous fights he would present the easier route to get their biggest pay-per-view draw back to winning ways as quickly as possible.

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  1. dana sold out! cause he knows he’ll sell millions in merchandise cause mexicans will love to flant the victory in whites faces!!! brocks nothing but a fall guy now and ive lost all respect for him and the ufc! what a joke everyone should know dana paid brock hansomly to take a nap, the proof is when you read brock whether win or lose was going to take time off so how can he defend the belt? can anyone say bulls”t

  2. I can safely say that’s not the case. You only need to look at how dejected Dana White looked after the fight to know that he’s not happy that the promotion’s biggest draw was defeated.

  3. I think Brock threw the fight. Cain’s a good fighter but he’s not that good. Cain’s punches looked pretty weak. Certainly not enough to drop Lesnar like they did.

    I’m also done with the UFC and Lesnar. It has turned into the WWE. Pretty pathetic.

  4. Have you seen the pics of Brock after the fight yet? (find them elsewhere on this site). The man took a beating.

    Unfortunately Lesnar just doesn’t respond well to being hit. Obviously that was clear in the Carwin fight, but if you go back and carefully watch his fights with Couture and second one with Mir you’ll see there were times in those fights when he lost composure after being hit as well.

  5. And I suppose brock cut himself with a razor blade like they do in the WWE, you sound like an angry whiteboy that thinks that only white race has the strongest fighters it doesnt matter what color or race you are, There is always someone out there bigger and badder then the next guy!It is what it is thats why its a competetive sport and would love to see the two people on here talkiing crap get off there asses and even attempt to do what these guys do brock got his ass whooped and im sure when velasquez loses we will have an angry mexican on here saying the same stupid shit get over it people!

  6. I think the whole race issue is getting out of hand. It seems like there’s an increasing suggestion that all Brock’s fans are white and all Cain’s fans are Mexican, which is just not true at all.

  7. Look, I am a “whiteboy”, and I love watching Cain Velasquez fight! He is in my opinion the most complete fighter in the entire UFC. He may not have the raw power of a Lesnar or a Carwin, but he more than makes up for it with his stamina and technique, and he seems to be a pretty good/ respectful guy. I hope Cain comes to realize that there are more than just the Latino population who were/are rooting for him, because the way he continually only speaks to the Latino population has a way of isolating other races from being his fan, it makes people feel as if Cain doesnt appreciate any support unless it comes from Latinos. Not saying he means to come accross that way, just feels that way sometimes. And one other thing…the whole “Brown Pride” tattoo, mixed with Goldman mentioning how proud he is of his Mexican heritage doesnt help matters in the race department, I mean the sad reality is that if Brock Lesnar came out with a “White Pride” tattoo, there is only one word that people would be calling him…..and it aint “proud”.

  8. One thing I would say is that to a large extent Velasquez is at the mercy of the interviewers who were all jumping on the Mexican angle and bombarding him with questions about it.

  9. Thinking Brock Lesnar threw the fight was absurd. I think it is possible his heart wasnt in it though. He seemed tenative and not aggressive, i guess if Cain would have insulted him like Mir did it might have been a different Lesnar, He did take Cain down and had him in a couple of worrisome spots. Cain was able to use his speed and wrestling to keep it off the ground and he hurt Brock with his punches. I feel that Brock could come back from this loss. As far as the race issue, I don’t think that should be a problem, its obvious that family and stuff is important regardless of who you are, and both Brock and Cain value their families, I don’t see that as an issue.
    Cain defeinitely earned his belt and Brock lost like a true champion and didnt say a harsh word.
    the event was very good lots a mad fights, its about time we just enjoyred the show

  10. ediddy you said “There is always someone out there bigger and badder then the next guy.” I agree, but to suggest that Cain is “bigger” and “badder” then Lesnar is just absurd. Brock has years of experience faking fights, I don’t think it would be hard for him to not put his heart into a real fight. Brock took a nap plain and simple. Its not a race thing, its reality.

  11. As much as I dont want to agree that Brock got paid to take a nap, I have to. Its all a little bit too ironic that the UFC has been wanting to capitalize on the hispanic market but had no real way to grasp it, So what better way than to have a man of mexican decent with a Brown Pride tattoo on his chest, be the man to beat the biggest draw/heel in the sport for the HW title?? Not only that, but now they can promote a Lesnar-Carwin or Mir 3 for just as big of a payoff. Now I know how crazy retarded that sounds but if you watch the fight again, there is no reason for Brock to lie there and take the shots he was taking with no defense at all, it just doesnt make sense. Now Cain is an Awesome fighter who undoubtedly could beat Brock, obviously. But come on, what shot made Brock to that gay backspin across the cage?? On top of that, Dana had stated that he and Brock had been fighting in recent weeks and that win or lose, Brock was going to take some extended time off. How would Brock defend the title if he wants an extended break?? Also is the most confusing part of this whole fiasco is the deal with Undertaker being interviewed and talking smack to Brock on the way out. Idk if this is all in my imagination but you cant honestly look at all of the facts and admit that something seems a little fishy…..

  12. I’m baffled by all this conspiracy talk. I’m assuming this is just because Lesnar was once a pro-wrestler? There seems to be this belief that Lesnar is somehow invincible and couldn’t possibly be beaten which is nonsense. He’s only been training in MMA for a few years so of course there’s going to be holes in his game.

    To my mind it’s also ridiculous to suggest that anyone in the UFC wanted Brock Lesnar, the biggest draw in the sport, to lose. A lot of the mythology and intrigue surrounding him has now gone, and I don’t see Velasquez suddenly becoming a 1 million+ PPV buy star in his place.

    If you look at the mess Lesnar’s face was in after the fight you’ll get a good indication of the beating he actually took. I think people are also forgetting the fact that Shane Carwin was seconds away from doing exactly the same thing in his last fight.

  13. Oh well there must be winners and Losers and truthfully Brock is not that good any way I mean let’s face it the guy is big granted he has wrestling background and also hits hard but the bottom line is he is slow an lacks the ability to weave a punch block a punch or parry a punch… It was very evident in the Shane Carwin fight and honestly the ref should have stopped that fight but didn’t because of who was fighting (Brock Lesnar) honestly this is good for the UFC they need a more well rounded fighter. Conspiracy theories are great but I believe people are only trying to make themselves believe that there is no way this beast of a man could have been defeated so easily..the true fact is whether black white hispanic or asian and any other race..when you come to the UFC you are a competitor so people please get off of that train BROCK LESNAR has been exposed and finally someone stepped up to the plate and made the inevitable happen. Like it or not it’s better for the business I mean it’s not like Brock is the caliber of Anderson The Spider Silva!!!! Or somebody..lol

  14. Cain busted out a can of ass wooping and if they fight again
    all of you can call Lesnar mr.sleepy cause his going to nap again.

  15. Brock should never of been given a title shot so early in his career. He needed years of training and exp. to get used to actually being hit and actually hitting people as opposed to “pretending” to get hit or hit people. I like seeing wrestlers or people you dont expect join the UFC, but because they wanted to draw a larger fanbase, and because Lesnar is a HUGE guy, they said hey heres a title fight. Gave him the belt on a silver platter. The problem with UFC, is Dana White is a greedy b*stard. And Joe Rogan should stick to comedy, hes much better at stand up then he is at talking about fights.

  16. It’s interesting for me to see that Brock’s fan base actually cheer for an arrogant, bullying, disrespectful, and unskilled fighter – and also get upset because they lost all of that in 4 minutes. Brock is a pure media propaganda and is the equivalent of Hollywood’s star marriages – THEY NEVER LAST.

    We can then safely say that Dana White actually paid all of Brock’s previous opponents to take a nap because Brock and Dana White got ridiculed, embarrassed, and actually both became sad, diminished and reduce to and then some by a man with superior skills, someone who had an agenda about honor, respect for combat sports (not a clown like Lesnar), representation of a nation often ridiculed by the masses of the USA nation and often considered as “inferior” compared to all things USA, discipline, and most importantly PRIDE! But a very specific kind of Pride of course.

  17. Brock was paid to give up his title, this is absolutely not to put down Cains win or even to downgrade his abilities because Cain is not a bad fighter. With that said though Brock did lose that fight with good intentions he has chosen to take some time off and is still recovering emotionally from his illness, he gave that title up for that purpose.

    After the Carwin fight he realized he was not emotionally ready to fight, and made some tuff choices.

    Dana knows this and whether anyone likes it or not the UFC chose Cain to succeed Brock and inherit the title. I think they made a good choice and a logical one since Carwin had just lost and Dos Santos is still in the running.

    When Cain defends his title and if he wins He then will be a true Champ. ( but if he loses to Dos Santos which is likely he should move down to LHW)

    As for Brock I tip my hat to him, he needed this money for personnal investments to not be in the fight game in the near future.

    You can believe this or not it won’t make a difference because when Dana reads it he will know who wrote it.

  18. I’d bet my next three paychecks than 99.9% of you people crying foul now didn’t say a peep when Lesnar was deliberately given a pass to the head of the line for UFC HW title contention.

    That man was and is a living breathing kick to the junk for every real MMA competitor who put his/her time in earning their way up the ranks.

    Lesnar always claimed the Mir loss was bogus. He never did explain why it took him three rounds to get a dicision win over a third tier level fighter in Heath Herring. There was never any comment on how Randy Couture, a man waaaay smaller than Lesnar, managed to manhandle him for the better part of their fight. He’s a second rate fighter in a freakishly huge body. Period.

  19. You can all say what you want, but have some respect for lesnar. he lost fairly and he was very respectfull to cain. even in the carwin fight he showed alot of class in his post fight interview. he seems to be a really good guy

  20. Well, Lesnar is a Powerful fighter. but he is not experienced in mix martial art. He is expert in wrestling. and just two years he started mix martial art. so, his mind and experience is not in karate, boxing etc..

    whereas cain is from the beginning interested in karate, boxing, and wrestling, so cain is a perfect mix martial artist. cain spent more than six years in mix martial art.

    so, in fighting experience is important factor.

  21. Well i dont care about race one way or the other all i know is i want a Cain fan to bet with me on the JDS vs Cain fight. Anybody who knows anything about mixed martial arts knows its gonna take a miracle for Cain to beat JDS

  22. ” Anybody who knows anything about mixed martial arts knows its gonna take a miracle for Cain to beat JDS.”

    Don’t know about that Smithy, Cain will be the favorite in that fight and rightly so. That’s not to say that JDS doesn’t have a chance though. Should be a fun fight, I’m looking forward to it.

  23. Got to disagree with you there. If Fedor hadn’t lost then him putting his 10 year winning streak on the line in a title fight against Overeem who’s the first man to hold major MMA and K-1 belts at the same time is definitely a bigger fight than a rematch with Werdum. There’s a reason why they were so eager to put that one on PPV.

    While a Fedor Vs Werdum fight would certainly attract more interest than their first encounter the truth is that most people know / expect that Fedor should emerge victorious in the rematch so it doesn’t have the same “must-see” feel as Fedor Vs Overeem would have.

  24. Yea color doesn’t matter, look at anderson the spider silva he’s a great fighter and champion and he’s black explain that

  25. Well liked or not cain is the champion and champions are tested on battles so lest wait if he is a true champion he will prove it in his jds match mma fans one more thing just let the best man win and take it how it is no more colors or racist coments they don’t make sense


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