What’s Next For Fedor Emelianenko After Losing To Werdum?

If things had gone according to plan last night then Fedor Emelianenko would have defeated Fabricio Werdum and set up a blockbuster fight with Alistair Overeem for the Strikeforce heavyweight title.

‘The Last Emperor’s’ 69 second defeat has thrown those plans into disarray however and now the promotion  have to quickly get back to the drawing board.

By rights Fabricio Werdum should now go on to fight Overeem for the title – but it appears Strikeforce have other plans.

“I think more people are going to want to see the rematch,” Coker told MMAjunkie.com. “That’s how I feel. [Emelianenko] is going to come back, and I wouldn’t want to be the one to fight him in a rematch. You’re going to see him come out with a vengeance.”

So it seems that yet again the promotion will throw the rule-book out the window, as they did when Brett Rogers fought for Overeem’s title earlier this year despite having just been beaten by Fedor.

“A lot of it is going to depend on what M-1 wants to do. They will have some say,” Coker noted tellingly.

Speaking of which, M-1 Global’s Vadim Finkelchtein appeared sold on the idea of an immediate rematch.

“Fabricio Werdum, this is the first fighter who managed to defeat Fedor. That’s why I certainly would thing it would be a great thing to have a rematch to be able to prove that Fedor is still the best.”

With Fedor’s long unbeaten run gone there’s now a risk that his mystique has gone with it, but on the contrary Coker believes that a rematch could be a must-see fight.

“That should be a pay-per-view fight.  [Werdum vs. Emelianenko II] is a fight fans are going to want to see. He dethroned the king.”

Perhaps he’s right, but it’s a gamble, and in the cold light of day the reality is that his is not going to shift the same numbers that a Fedor – Overeem showdown would have if Emelianenko had been victorious last night.

Nonetheless it seems they have their heart set on the rematch.  In fairness there aren’t a whole lot of other enticing options available to them.  Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva springs to mind, but that’s far from being a blockbuster to end his current contract on.   They could put on a rematch with Andrei Arlovksi, but considering ‘The Pitbull’ is currently on a three fight losing streak it wouldn’t do much for Fedor’s reputation.

So all indications are that it will be Werdum.  The only potential spanner in the works is Alistair Overeem.  He is the champion after all, and after stating publicly that he was looking forward to fighting the winner of Fedor Vs Werdum, it appears he will now be fighting neither.

It will be interesting to see how he feels about that, especially considering he’s only just come back from a two year break from the promotion due to a lack of good fights being available to him in Strikeforce at the time.

If he starts pushing his weight around and calling for a fight with either Fedor or Werdum then Strikeforce may have to rethink their plans yet again.


  1. what the f*ck!?!? NO IMMEDIATE REMATCH!!! FUCK THAT!!!!!!! werdum won fare and square. he should get that title shot. fedor should go to the bottom and have to work his way back up just like everybody else! no special treatment, this is why a lot of people can’t stand the ufc. too much politics, drama and SPECIAL TREATMENT. come on strikeforce! you can do better!!!

  2. Am immediate rematch would be better. Why would you want fedor working the ranks again, and easily beating washed up fighters that have been cut by the UFC.

    I never thought fedor vs lesnar would be a megafight, lesnar vs overeem would be a great fight.

    If fedor finally signs with the ufc, I think mir would give him a great welcome LOSS.

  3. #1 John, I do agree with your statement. I think the one thing to consider is that in the post fight interview in the cage, Werdum said he didn’t care about fighting Reem, and that he wanted a rematch with Fedor.

  4. I feel that Werdum won and definitely deserves the shot. werdum is the man now, but in all honesty fedor clocked his ass and he was finishing him off wen he got submitted he wont make that mistake again. it was stupid sh*t that happens sometimes. i feel Fedor is still the best fighter in the world and his record is still the best in the heavyweight division. when a champion loses he goes to rank no. 2 that has been tradition for centuries so he is placed behind the champion and the rank no. 1 guy.
    werdum and alistair should fight for the title, emelianenko should defend his no. 2 spot then later if he wins get the title shot, that is tradition. my hats of to werdum he has my respect.

  5. First off ,since Werdum said he wants a rematch, that is what I would like to see. If Strikeforce makes the decision to go another route then Fedor should fight the loser of Werdum and Overeem. I did see someone, somewhere, say that Werdum may be having an operation though. If so I would imagine Fedor would get bumped up to fight Overeem, just like Rodgers got the bump up after a loss.

  6. Werdum fights Fedor in a rematch, nothing else makes sense. Another option is Fedor vs. Overeem because Rogers got a shot at Overeem even though he lost to Fedor. I dont think Overeem will beat Fedor easily at all, more likely Fedor beats him and then proves he made one mistake but is still the best. I would like to see Fedor face Overeem simply because EVERYONE thinks Fedor has no chance.

  7. Hey Moondog. I’m not sure I agree with you that most people thinking Overeem will beat Fedor, I think if and when it happens opinions will be split down the middle as to who’s going to win it.

  8. I say that they need a rematch. If you look at his fight with Werdum. You’ll see that move that was used on me isnt the first one. Many fighters used that on him and he got out look nothing. what had happened was a accident or not but something went wrong and they need a rematch

  9. fedor lost because he got cocky and careless. he could and would easily beat werdum in a rematch, and i can’t see overoid being much of a challenge either. fedor just has to remember that he’s not invincible like he apparently did with werdum. i can easily understand how he made that slipup though… i probably would too if i won so many fights in a row. and the author of this article is wrong… a fedor/werdum rematch would easily out-rate the match fedor would have had with overeem had he won. it’s really hard to take overoid seriously considering he thinks k1 is more important than strikeforce


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