What’s Next For GSP After Dominant Win Over Shields?

UFC 129 was certainly a night to remember, but Georges St.Pierre’s dominant but relatively uneventful win over Jake Shields didn’t match the grandeur of the occasion.

Nevertheless, GSP stretched his unbeaten run to nine fights and continues to look head and shoulders above his competition at 170lbs.

So what should the UFC do with their superstar fighter next?

There’s been a lot of talk about a ‘superfight’ with Anderson Silva either at middleweight or a catchweight, but after his latest win St.Pierre still sounded hesitant to commit to it, and it’s highly unlikely to happen in the immediate future since Silva is now set to fight Yushin Okami at UFC 134: Rio in August, while GSP will need time to recover from an eye injury sustained last night.

Interestingly, in the aftermath of last night’s event in Toronto UFC President Dana White dropped Strikeforce welterweight champion Nick Diaz name as a potential opponent for St.Pierre, admitting that he’d been “blown away” by the Stockton native’s performance in his victory over Paul Daley recently.

White has confirmed he’ll visit Diaz this week to discuss his future and ambitions to compete in a high-level boxing match, and it could well be that a fight with GSP will be something they may discuss, though it should be noted that there is a major sticking point in that he only recently signed a new contract with Showtime.

Both of the above options have serious question marks attached to them so it may be that for his next Octagon outing the champion may have to settle for an opponent from his current weight class.

With that being the case the fighter that most interests me is Carlos Condit if he can get past Dong Hyun Kim at UFC 132 in July to extend his winning run to four fights.

Condit has a knack of producing entertaining, energetic fights, and his all-action style may just be what’s required to bring the best out in St.Pierre.

I also have one wildcard fight for you. Why not allow St.Pierre to have a ‘tune-up’ fight at 185lbs before fighting Silva? Personally I think a GSP Vs Michael Bisping fight would fit the bill perfectly.


  1. Makes sense right? GSP’s obviously anxious about moving up in weight, so let him take a fight there (or perhaps even at a catchweight of 178lbs or so) first before throwing him in with Silva.

  2. Bisping vs GSP is a great fight! I think GSP would take down Condit at will, and Condit’s Jiu Jitsu is slick but no better than GSP’s. Diaz vs GSP is similar, I think Diaz would get taken down too, I don’t think Georges would want to exchange with a relentless striker like Diaz and Condit is similar

  3. I agree for the most part David. Diaz takedown defense is no where near good enough to stop GSP, although I do believe Diaz could give him a lot of problems in the striking department.

    As far as Condit goes, again the takedowns could be a problem but he showed against Ellenberger that he can find a way to win even against a dominant wrestler. The fact that he struggled against Rory MacDonald for long periods of their fight doesn’t bode particularly well given that he’s similar to St.Pierre, but I still think it could be a fun fight compared with what else is out there at 170lbs.

  4. I think Condit will not agree to fight GSP coz they are from the same camp and both are training partner’s at Jacksons.

  5. and no offense to Nick Diaz coz he’s not the same fighter about 5 years ago, he’s improved a lot now and knocking guys out, but people should remember his fight with sean sherk, and diego sanchez who has great wrestling, and he got dominated, not to take away his great jiujitsu, but GSP’s wrestling is just amazing and his grappling too. and he’s not the same fighter since he lost to matt serra. I think GSP will come up with a great gameplan and win.


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