What’s Next For Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua After Jon Jones Loss?

Maurico ‘Shogun’ Rua suffered a tough loss against Jon Jones at the weekend, not only losing the UFC light-heavyweight title, but also being dominated in a way that he’s never experienced previously in his long and decorated career.

Despite that he still remains one of the top 205lb fighters in the world though, so what comes next for the Brazilian?

One thing’s for sure, Shogun is a born fighter and will be looking to get back into the Octagon sooner rather than later. In fact he’s already confirmed as much on his twitter page after the fight.

“Hi guys, thank you for all your support. I will try harder and come back better,” he said (translated from Portuguese).

As far as his next fight goes, there’s several potential opponents currently occupying the upper reaches of the light-heavyweight ladder that would fit in with the UFC’s current schedule.

Personally I’d love to see a rematch of the infamous PRIDE showdown in 2005 between Shogun and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira (assuming Lil Nog can get past Phil Davis this Saturday night which will be easier said than done).

Shogun won on that occasion but it was close and is still regarded as one of the classic fights of that era.

Another rematch with Forrest Griffin could also be on the cards. Griffin pulled off an upset submission win in their first meeting back in 2007, and with Griffin currently without a fight this would be as good a time as any for a second helping.

If the UFC aren’t keen on a rematch then Rich Franklin, who doesn’t have an opponent at this moment in time, could prove to be a suitable alternative.

They are both coming off a loss, each is 3-3 in their last six fights and they also share relatively recent wins over hall-of-famer Chuck Liddell.


  1. I’m gld Jones won, but I find it hard to believe that Shogun prepared for the fight. He looked like a man who did not prepare at all. I don’t think he even got one shot in, Zero.

  2. I’m sure he trained hard, but Shogun has a history of looking bad when he comes back from long-term injuries.

    You’ve also got to factor in that the very first strike Jones threw – the flying knee – landed cleanly, even though it didn’t seem like it from the angle on the live broadcast (it’s clear to see in the replays). According to Shogun’s camp that took a lot out of him.

    I think Jones enormous reach also has a lot to do with it too. Everybody he’s fought has had a hard time dealing with it.

  3. I think he’s gonna be back better than ever after the machida fight the 1st he didnt I wasn’t sure how the second fight would go but they came in with a great gameplan the next fight and we saw how quick he dropped Machida, One more thing about this article Phil davis is gonna beat Lil nog bad so I would say whoever wins the fight should fight shogun

  4. Shogun was out of shape, and got rocked!!! When he came out and I saw the flab hanging over the tight shorts I knew he was in trouble. He looked slow and tired. He took to long to get back to fighting because of the injury and it showed.I think bones should fight overeem, now that would be a fight! I swear the light heavy weight division has a curse, if you get the belt you will loose it in you’re first title defense, I think bones will break it though!

  5. ROSSC, You are right! Bones has to much reach for people to deal with. It is really an unfair advantage, because his reach should be found on a heavyweight not LHW. And even then he would still have the longest reach in the game. I do not know if you have ever boxed or fought with some one who has a real long reach, it is so hard to deal with it is not even funny!!!!!

  6. No doubt Thomas. Any kind of reach advantage is tricky to deal with, but when Jones has 8 to 10 inches on most of his opponents it’s ridiculously hard to overcome.

    Somebody will figure out a way in the end – they always do – but I don’t think it’ll be any time soon.

  7. im a little bitter cuz im a huge shogun fan so first things first..fuck j bones jones hes a pussy he should be fighting in a heavy weight class but he cuts all the way down to 205 so he can have a huge advantage on smaller fighters…i would love to see him move up to the heavy weight division where a 6,6 fighter belongs…2nd thing shogun has a alot of trouble when coming back from surgery he always comes back looking sluggish and washed up which he did when he fought jj bones…but i hope he comes back better and stronger like he said…long live shogun

  8. To be fair Jones himself has said he wants to fight at heavyweight one day.

    It’s madness to say that he shouldn’t be fighting at light-heavyweight just because he’s 6ft 6″ though…especially since he’s actually only 6ft 4″…only a couple of inches taller than most of the guys in the upper reaches of the division.

    Lots of guys cut a big amount of weight to reach 205lbs…Forrest Griffin and Rampage Jackson get up in the 240-250lb range. The last I heard Jones was walking around at about 235 so he’s just not that big.

    Truth is the thing that sets Jones apart isn’t his height or weight, it’s his reach. You can’t banish the guy from the division for having long arms though!

    The only thing I do agree with you on is that Shogun never looks good after surgery. In fact it’s almost compulsary now for him to look absolutely awful on his return! I think he can still cause problems for a lot of people in the division if he can stay injury-free, but I don’t see him being the guy to take the title from Jones.


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