Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Season 10)

Darrill Schoonover

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Darrill Schoonover will perhaps best be remembered for being the butt of Rampage Jackson’s jokes on TUF 10, with the former 205lb champ nicknaming the chubby heavyweight, “titties,” much  to the annoyance of the fighter who came close to trading blows with him during the show.

Judging by his performance on the show it’s probably just as well that he didn’t.  In fairness Schoonover handily dispatched his first opponent by first round submission, but he was then just as quickly knocked out by Marcus Jones in the quarter finals.  Schoonover was then invited back to the season finale, but couldn’t get past James McSweeney who finished him by TKO in the third round to bring an end to his short stay in the UFC.

Prior to his fight with McSweeney the 24 year-old have discovered that he was to be recalled to active duty following that fight.  However on reporting for duty at Ft Benning he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and discharged from active duty.  That has allowed him to continue fighting, though he has only done so once since the show, losing in a King Of the Cage bout back in May due to a cut.  He is currently scheduled to fight in Texas at the River City MMA Battle in November.