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Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Season 10)

Scott Junk

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Less than two years after being submitted in his one and only fight in the UFC, Scott Junk found himself back in the mix fighting on The Ultimate Fighter.  A tough preliminary draw saw him paired with former NFL player Matt Mitrione and the two engaged in a scrappy two round brawl.  It was a close fight that could have gone to a third round, but the judges awarded Mitrione the majority decision, sending Junk’s coach Rampage Jackson into a fury, ripping apart a gym door as he walked away in disgust.

After the fight Junk was diagnosed with two tears in his retina which he had received early in the fight due to an eye poke.  The injury required laser surgery and led to some concern that his career may be over.  Luckily that was later proven not to be the case and Junk was free to continue fighting.

He would have to do so outside of the UFC though.  Junk’s first fight after the show ended prematurely with a ‘No Contest’ ruling due to an accidental groin strike, but he did get a win under his belt in July against Ray Savant to take his career record to 7-2-1 (1nc).  Next up for Junk is a fight with Blagio Ivanov at an MMA Xplosion event on October 9th.  Ivanov’s claim to fame is defeating Fedor Emelianenko in the semi-finals of the Sambo World Championships in 2008.

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