Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Season 10)

Zak Jensen

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Zak Jensen’s hopes of making an impact in the UFC were quickly dashed when he was submitted by Darrill Schoonover in his first fight on TUF 10.  It’s fair to say the rest of Jensen’s time in the house didn’t run smoothly, becoming the target of bullying from some of the others due to his introverted personality. After a prank in which he was locked in a bathroom Jensen finally snapped and attacked James McSweeney.  The UK fighter got the better of him though, ending the confrontation with a guillotine choke.

Despite an unpleasant experience on the show Jensen has continued fighting.  In fact he’s undoubtedly been the busiest of all the fighters featured on the 10th season, fighting no less than five times between February and September of this year on the regional circuit.  Things started out well with two first round victories, one by submission and one by KO, but his form has gone downhill since with three straight losses, all in the first round, including a KO defeat at the hands of former UFC fighter Tim Hague.

While the TUF show was still airing in late 2009 Jensen became embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit dating back to a period earlier that year when he had been working as a bodyguard.  The lawsuit states that a 20 year-old student had died after an altercation in a hotel room at Spring Break with Jensen.  The fighter claimed he had found the student forcably trying to kiss the client he was chaperoning and confronted him.  The student then entered an adjacent bathroom and minutes later was discovered lying dead on the floor.

Mexican authorities at the time believed that the man had died due to hitting his head after falling.  A coronary report later found that the student, who had been drinking, did have wounds on his face but had died from choking on his own vomit.  In April of 2010 a judge denied a motion for dismissal of the case.  A trial has now been set for February, 2011.