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Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Seasons 3-4)

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson had just one fight in the UFC, a loss to Nick Diaz in 2003, before receiving an invite to appear in The Ultimate Fighter some three years later. The troubled fighter had apparently been homeless and living in his car before the show.  He didn’t get a chance to prove himself on TUF however after being caught leaving the confines of the house to meet a girl he had met earlier in the day. Since this was a breach of the rules he was asked to leave the show by Dana White. Despite the incident he was allowed to return for the show’s finale where he lost to Pete Spratt, suffering a neck injury in the process.

Several months later Jackson emerged on a regional show and picked up a win to take his career record to 10-5. He didn’t fight for over a year after that, but the troubled fighter was apparently battling demons of his own. The full extent of this would only emerge in May of 2008 when he was arrested on multiple counts of forcible rape amongst other charges including sexual assault and burglary, with bail set at one million dollars. The victim is alleged to be a girl he knew and had been dating.

There has been little word on the situation since then, but after looking through court documents we have been able to discover that Jackson pleaded not guilty to the charges, but the case remains open almost two years later.  He has remained in jail during that time. Jackson is expected to appear in court in relation to the charges on the 11th of February.

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