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Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Seasons 3-4)

Kalib Starnes

Kalib Starnes has become one of The Ultimate Fighter’s most infamous participants, though not during his appearance on the show.  Starnes made it to the middleweight semi-finals in the house by beating Mike Stine but then lost out to the eventual winner Kendall Grove after verbally submitting due to a dislocated rib.  He did however go on to claim a valuable win over fellow TUF 3 fighter Danny Abbadi in the season finale.

Now officially in the UFC Starnes faced a tough start when he went up against Yushin Okami and lost by TKO in the third round.  From their he would go on to pick up a notable decision win over Chris Leben and a loss to Alan Belcher.  Then came one of the most bizarre fights in UFC history.  At UFC 83 in April of 2008 Starnes took on Nate Quarry.  In the bout he adopted an overtly defensive strategy, spending almost the entire bout back-pedaling away from an increasingly frustrated Quarry.  By the third round the fight began to resemble a Benny Hill skit with Quarry making fun of Starnes by pretending to chase him around the octagon.

Needless to say Starnes lost the bout, was swiftly ejected from the UFC and instantly became the laughing stock of MMA fans around the world with youtube videos, GIFS, and even a website named after him being created to poke fun at him. In his defense Starnes claimed to have broken his foot in the fight, but his excuse fell on deaf ears. Some seven months later he re-emerged and claimed a win at a small-scale promotion in Hawaii. It would be another year before he fought again in November of ’09 against current Bellator middleweight champion Hector Lombard. Starnes lasted just under two minutes before verbally submitting due to strikes. Still determined to change his luck the 35 year old, who remains with his long-term girlfriend, pro soccer player Betty Ann Casey, plans to fight again in March.

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