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Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Seasons 3-4)

Noah Inhofer

Another infamous TUF competitor, Noah Inhofer started off the show in good form, defeating Jesse Forbes in the first round. Things quickly went pear-shaped however when he received a letter that convinced him he had to abandon his place on the show and head back home. Was there a death in the family? Nope, it turned out to be his girlfriend of six months was accusing him of cheating on her. Despite being warned by Dana White that he was throwing away a golden opportunity to fight in the UFC, Inhofer went through with his decision to leave.

Afterwards White described the situation as “pathetic,” and as you might imagine Inhofer has never had another opportunity to compete in the UFC.  Despite being ridiculed for his actions he continued to fight for promotions like Extreme Challenge and King Of The Cage after the show, coming away with a mediocre post-TUF record of 3-3.  Inhofer’s last fight, a TKO loss to former UFC fighter Victor Valimaki, was back in September of 2008.

The question people really want to know when it comes to Inhofer is what became of his relationship?  Well, he did patch things up with his girlfriend Greta, and they are currently engaged to be married after Inhofer proposed in the summer of last year while on a mission trip to Costa Rica.

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