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Where Are They Now? – The Ultimate Fighters (Seasons 3-4)

Josh Haynes

Josh Haynes had a little luck on his route to the final of The Ultimate Fighter season 3.  In his first fight he squared off against Tait Fletcher, and at the final bell it appeared his opponent would win the decision, but to many people’s surprise Haynes emerged with his hand raised.  Haynes took his good fortune and ran with it, going on to defeat Jesse Forbes in the semi-final by guillotine choke.  He fell one step short of the $100,000 contract though after being comfortably beaten by Michael Bisping in the final.

Haynes remained in the UFC but failed to get back to winning ways, losing out to Rory Singer in one of the bloodiest fights in the promotions history.  A KO loss to Luke Cummo in April of 2007 would be his last UFC appearance.  Haynes career then had a curious interlude as he was invited to be part of a reality show, ‘Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge’ on CMT, alongside other “celebrities” like Stephen Baldwin and Vanilla Ice. Returning to fighting Haynes picked up two wins and a loss in regional promotions before the close of the year.  2008 started well with a win in the IFL over Leopoldo Serao, and later he would pick up a win over former UFC fighter Sean Salmon, though in-between the two victories he also suffered a loss to a  up and coming fighter, Mojo Horne.

After an eventful couple of years 2009 was significantly quieter for Haynes.  In February he fought at a Wargods event, picking up a split-decision win over Rafael Real.  The expectation was that he would fight several more times for the promotion, with a fight with Vernon White being lined up for April of ’09, but it did not materialize and Haynes hasn’t returned to the cage since.  Now 32, and with a career record of 17-10, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the former TUF finalist.

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