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Which Fighters Claim The Most UFC ‘Fight Of The Night’ Awards?

1.  Tyson Griffin (LW)- 5 Fight of The Night Awards

Tyson Griffin

Perhaps Tyson Griffin is not the first fighter that springs to mind in answer to the question I posted at the start of this article, but when you consider that it equates to 5 FOTN awards in just 8 UFC fights (not including a submission of the night in his first UFC fight at UFC 63!) it’s hard not to be impresed with his credentials.

It’s worth noting that Tyson was putting on entertaining fights long before he stepped into the Octagon, including defeating WEC superstar Urijah Faber at Gladiator Challenge in only his 3rd professional fight.  Unlike many of the other fighters on this list he is primarily a wrestler with vicious ground n pound, but is also comfortable on his feet and is noticeably improving in that regard with each fight.

After claiming the FOTN honors in bout’s with Frankie Edgar, Clay Guida, Thiago Thavares, Sean Sherk and Rafael Dos Anjos, Tyson will be looking to add another when he meets Hermes Franca in just a few days time at UFC 103.


As I mentioned earlier this isn’t a definitive list, there may be other fighters with similar records who have escaped our attention but even so, from this this we can see certain trends in the type of fighter that wins the award.

A.  Clearly many of these fighters are most at home with the stand-up game.  This is not unexpected, it’s generally the all-out slug-fests that appeal to the casual fan and lights up the big arenas that the UFC calls home these days.

B.  A common link between many of these fighter is that have generally have great gas-tanks that allow them to push the pace for the full 3 (or when neccessary 5) rounds.  That’s an important point as it’s also worth mentioning that many of the fighters listed are no strangers to going to decisions.  If they were prone to ending there fights early they’d be more likely to qualify for the Knockout or Submission Of The Night awards instead.

C.  With the exception of Forrest Griffin, the fighters listed here all compete in the lower weight classes.  Though there’s a special excitement about watching two lumbering giants fight in the ring, it’s often the smaller fighters who deliver the most entertainment, as anyone who watches the WEC would gladly testify.


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