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Which Fighters Have The Most K.O’s Inside the UFC Octagon?

There’s nothing more eye-popping, jaw-dropping and awe-inspiring in Mixed Martial Arts than seeing a fighter deliver a knockout punch.

It is perhaps the most desired skill in the fight business, yet only a few have the combination of power, technique, timing and natural ability to deliver the coveted K.O that switches their opponents lights out. Even fewer can do it time after time, no matter who stands before them.

For this article has spent hours carefully studying the results of all the events the UFC has held to date in order to find out who has the most knockouts in the history of the UFC.  Before we begin, a quick note about what exactly we are looking for here:

A.  We are only looking for those wins officially registered as a K.O (knockout).  Of course TKO’s (technical knockouts) are often included in fighters K.O. record too, but for this article we are specifically looking only for those clean K.O’s that sent the opponent to the octagon floor for an impromptu nap!

B.  The focus of this article is finding out who has the most K.O’s of all time in the UFC, not in the fighters careers as a whole.

4. Andrei Arlovski / Rashad Evans / Gabriel Gonzaga:  Three Knockouts Each

Proving how elusive the clean knockout punch really is, the fighters tied for 4th place on the list have just three K.O’s each inside the octagon.

Andrei Arlovski
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In recent times former UFC heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski he has been known for getting put to sleep himself, at the hands of Fedor Emelianenko and Brett Rogers, but there was a time when the Belarusian was one of the most feared strikers in the heavyweight division.

Putting together a six fight unbeaten run with only one of those lasting beyond the first round, there was much to admire about ‘The Pitbull‘ in the prime of his career.   In his 14 fight stretch in the octagon three fighters – Vladmir Matyushenko (who incidently left the UFC after the defeat, only to return some six years later at the recent UFC 103 event), Paul Beuntello (who left the UFC one fight after his defeat to Arlovski but will re-emerge four years later at UFC 107 later in the year) and Marcio Cruz fell victim to his impressive striking.

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