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Which Fighters Have The Most K.O’s Inside the UFC Octagon?

Rashad Evans vs Jaime Jara
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The fact that former Ultimate Fighter Season 2 winner Rashad Evans is on this list (thanks to three KO’s in ten UFC fights)  is impressive considering that he started out from a wrestling background.  Evans is however a natural athelete and after three decision wins inside the octagon the development of his striking became painfully apparent for his next opponent Jason Lambert who was knocked into unconciousness with a series of punches from the top mount position.  In his next fight Evans showed it wasn’t just his hands that were a threat as he floored Sean Salmon with a head kick, earning his first ‘Knockout Of The Night’ award.  His most memorable K.O. was still to come however.

At UFC 88 Evans sized up his opponent, another deadly light heavyweight striker UFC legend Chuck Liddell (more on him later) for the first round before spotting an opportunity in the second to throw the perfect counter over-hand right that stopped ‘The Iceman‘ dead in his tracks.  He would spend several minutes out cold before finally regaining consciousness.  It was the first time the former champion had ever been knocked out.  Needless to say Evans picked up his second ‘knockout Of The Night’ for the punch that shocked the MMA world.

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