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Which Fighters Have The Most K.O’s Inside the UFC Octagon?

Gabriel Gonzaga
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Also in this section of the list is heavyweight wrecking machine Gabriel Gonzaga.  In ten visits to the octagon to date he has put three of his opponents to sleep.   His first knockout came against Kevin Jordan, and though the previous 14 minutes and 30 seconds of the bout rank up their with the most tedious fights ever witnessed in the UFC, the devastating out-of-the-blue knockout that followed had everyone up on their feet cheering.

Though he has another more recent KO of Josh Hendricks on his resume, the Brazilian’s most memorable knockout occured against Pride legend Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 70.  The event had been billed as ‘When Nations Collide‘ but after the event it would be remembered as ‘when Gonzaga’s shin collided with Cro Cop’s head‘.  It was the perfect head kick, hugely ironic considering that  Cro Cop had spent his career on doing exactly the same thing to his opponents.

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