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Which Fighters Have The Most K.O’s Inside the UFC Octagon?

3.  Pedro Rizzo -Four Knockouts

Pedro Rizzo
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It is fair to say that the heavy handed Brazilian Pedro Rizzo has been somewhat overlooked compared to some of the other stars that have found fame and fortune in the octagon.   There’s perhaps a couple of reasons for that.

Firstly he was around at a time when easily marketable stars like Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture were battling their way to hall of famer status which somewhat overshadowed his accomplishments .  Secondly, even in the early days of his UFC career Rizzo certainly didn’t look like one of the octagons greatest knockout specialists, which his doughy mid-section and weary features.

Looks can be deceiving though as many of his opponents will ruefully testify.  Pedro Rizzo is an expert counter punch, patiently luring in his opponents and then making them pay with a single, deadly punch.   The first to experience that power was ‘Tank’ Abbott who was floored early in his bout with Rizzo at UFC Brazil in 1998 before finally being finished with a vicious hook, the first knockout on the bar-room brawlers record.

A progressive step-up in competition didn’t stop the K.O’s coming as Tre Telligman and then Josh Barnett (a particularly brutal KO, the first of his career) felt the full force of his power and failed to retain their equilibrium.  His last victim was another fighter on this very list – Andre Arlovski who went three rounds with the Brazilian before catching a straight right which left him flattened out on the octagon floor.

With 4 K.O’s in 14 UFC appearances Pedro Rizzo’s record (editors note: Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson now also lays claim to 4 K.O’s) can only be bettered by two UFC legends…

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